Lieuwe Boards Falcon 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Lieuwe Boards Falcon 2024

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The FALCON is their lightest Big Air performance kiteboard ever. They have dedicated years to research and development to create a board that offers the ultimate Big Air experience. The FALCON provides insane levels of speed, pop, and energy return, all while avoiding the typical drawbacks of stiff carbon boards. It has been proven by many test riders that carbon, control, and comfort can indeed go hand in hand.

One of their latest innovations is the robot-crafted insert tracks. These tracks allow riders to determine their perfect stance with extreme precision, and thanks to the all-new autolock system, the inserts are never going to move again. This means that any bindings on the market can be easily mounted onto the FALCON.

The collaboration between their shapers, engineers, and leading Big Air riders has been invaluable during the development process. They are proud to see the positive reviews and feedback from independent riders pouring in. The ultra-light weight of the board makes turning, popping over waves, board-offs, and reaching new heights much easier.

The rail channels on the bottom of the board ensure control during take-off and landing, providing a heightened sense of stability during fast riding. The double concave design contributes to the board's stability on the water by creating a slight suction effect. Additionally, the straight outline of the board helps achieve higher speeds and grip, giving riders more control in extreme conditions. The relatively thin tips of the board allow for flexibility in choppy conditions and efficient cutting through water, making it an exceptionally comfortable board, especially considering its carbon composition.

In summary, the FALCON is a remarkable Big Air performance kiteboard that offers incredible speed, pop, and energy return while providing the comfort and control that riders desire. The board's innovative features, such as the robot-crafted insert tracks and rail channels, contribute to its overall performance and stability. With the collaboration of experienced shapers, engineers, and Big Air riders, the FALCON has received positive reviews and feedback, solidifying its position as a top choice for those looking to take their Big Air game to new heights.

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