Slingshot Formula V3 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Formula V3 2024

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Ideal for Freeride enthusiasts who enjoy the sensation of lightweight boards and individuals seeking thrilling experiences with light swing weight during aerial maneuvers. They provide the smoothest on-water riding experience by incorporating cutting-edge materials and design elements.

The team's beloved twin tip model continues to utilize advanced and top-of-the-line materials, employing a Carbon Construction for maximum performance. Its full-length and double-concave hull enhance both comfort and stiffness, delivering exceptional pop and trick propulsion.

When landing a jump, the double concave's spine is the initial point of contact with the water, disrupting surface tension and ensuring soft landings with unparalleled smoothness.

With a combination of high modulus 30/30 Carbon Fiber throughout the board, explosive pop and trick propulsion are achieved in an impressively lightweight yet robust package.

The stiffness afforded by the carbon construction allows for reducing the size and weight of the Formula's tips, optimizing performance without sacrificing strength.

In their Carbon Bedrock Insert pack, they have consciously minimized the number of stance options, resulting in reduced weight and reinforced foundation for the already sturdy Carbon Bedrock Insert.

Achieving an ideal balance between strength and weight, a .2mm base material is employed, ensuring lightweight performance while maintaining durability.

The boards boast sustainably grown Paulownia wood, which adds liveliness and springiness to their character. The vertically laminated construction maximizes the wood's collective strength, leading to enhanced durability, consistent flex, and improved performance.

Through an innovative manufacturing process, high durometer urethane is ingeniously infused into the board's core in a single shot, creating exceptional dampening and unmatched durability.

In summary, these boards are tailored to cater to the needs of Freeride riders who crave lightweight boards and desire exceptional performance during aerials. With their cutting-edge design, advanced materials, and thoughtful craftsmanship, they provide an unrivaled on-water riding experience with buttery soft landings, explosive pop, and trick propulsion. The sustainably grown wood, carbon construction, and innovative manufacturing techniques ensure a strong, durable, and lightweight package.


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