Slingshot Ghost V3 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Ghost V3 2024

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Riders seeking a stress-free session with excellent upwind ability, easy relaunch, and versatile performance across different board types will find the perfect fit in the Ghost V3 kite. This modern one-strut design combines innovative kite geometry with a lightweight frame and durable materials to deliver exceptional handling, response, and relaunch capabilities.

The Ghost V3 utilizes high-tenacity polyester with biaxial gridding and emulsion coating, ensuring minimal stretch and superior performance in any conditions. The FrameLITE weave structure enhances stiffness and durability, maintaining optimal balance between flexibility, strength, stiffness, and weight.

The single luff-strut design separates the strut from the canopy, resulting in a more aerodynamic profile, reduced drag, and improved turning speed for enhanced kite control. The 4X4 Canopy Tech, with its reinforced ripstop nylon and near-zero stretch, provides unmatched tear resistance and long-lasting durability.

The TrimFlight Bridle features thinner lines that minimize drag, increasing efficiency and responsiveness of the Ghost. The bridle's geometry, length, and placement are intelligently designed to accentuate the kite's light-wind and drifting performance characteristics.

The Ghost V3's Compact Swept C shape, with a lower aspect and compact arc, delivers exceptional steering, pivoting, and drift capabilities, making it an ideal choice for a single-strut kite. The concave trailing edge and swept wing tips offer a wide range of responsive power management and maximum control in lighter conditions or drift-oriented riding.

The Ghost's One-Strut Airframe strikes the perfect balance between performance and accessibility. It provides the necessary support and structure for effortless relaunch while maintaining light overall weight for advanced drift and handling in light winds.

With the Rider Customization System (RCS), riders can fully customize the Ghost's performance to match their riding style and prevailing conditions. By adjusting the flying and power lines, riders can fine-tune the kite's turning speed, power delivery, angle of attack, and bar pressure.

Enhanced tube diameters and repositioned tubes in the patented Slingshot invention optimize airflow and increase durability, ensuring a streamlined and reliable experience.

In summary, the Ghost V3 kite offers stress-free riding with excellent upwind ability, easy relaunch, and versatile performance across different board types. Its innovative design, lightweight frame, and durable materials deliver exceptional handling, response, and drift capabilities. The Ghost V3 can be fully customized with the Rider Customization System to align with individual riding styles and prevailing conditions. With increased tube diameters and streamlined construction, this kite ensures cleaner airflow and enhanced durability.


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