Slingshot Joystick V1 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Joystick V1 2024

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Lightwind foil enthusiasts who have a strong desire for a minimalist bar that is specifically designed to meet the performance demands of kite foiling will find the Joystick to be the perfect solution.

The Joystick offers an Infinite Throw feature, which provides the largest range of throw on any control bar ever built. With 50% more range than traditional control bars, it allows for maximum depower, granting complete freedom of movement on foil or surf. The bar is equipped with the SureShot Click-In Safety System, which sets the industry standard for dependability and ease of use. It features an ultra-thin 22mm diameter bar and Variable FlyTech Lines, which not only reduce weight but also enhance foil and surf performance, crucial for a kite's nimble handling and efficient drift. The Joystick comes with 18-meter lines and four-meter extensions, giving riders the flexibility to customize line lengths based on their riding style, kite size, and conditions.

The Joystick includes the SureShot, a redesigned and streamlined quick-release safety system that is optimized for kite foiling. Its reduced-sized surf/foil chicken loop positions the bar closer to the rider's body, maximizing depower reach. The SureShot is ISO compliant and displays unquestionable dependability in critical situations. With an intuitive activation mechanism, simply pushing the hood away releases the chicken loop, flagging out the kite. The seatbelt-style click-in mechanism allows riders to easily and confidently reconnect the chicken loop with one hand, setting the benchmark for industry dependability and ease of use.

The elimination of the depower trim system on the Joystick results in Infinite Throw, which delivers instant maximum depower, unlocking the full foiling and surfing potential of a kite. With a 50% increased range, Infinite Throw maximizes depower, enabling outstanding drift capabilities and granting riders more freedom of movement when foiling and surfing.

New for 2024, the Variable FlyTech Lines are thinner yet stronger, greatly improving aerodynamic efficiency and reducing weight. Crafted with an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene Dyneema® in a 12x SK99 weave, these lines offer minimal elongation, excellent abrasion and UV resistance, and are pre-stretched to maintain performance from the first session to the last of the season. The Joystick control bar features two aerodynamically optimized diameters for the Variable FlyTech Lines: 1.6mm for the front lines and 1.15mm for the steering lines.

The Joystick's bar boasts a 22mm diameter, making it the thinnest and lightest ever produced. This ultra-thin design ensures maximum control and comfort by conforming naturally to the curve of your hands, enhancing steering precision.

Their new textured MotoPlush EVA, which offers exceptional softness, durability, and grip tactility is a premium material that delivers better handling and allows for longer sessions with elevated comfort.

In summary, the Joystick is a revolutionary control bar that caters specifically to the needs of lightwind foil enthusiasts. Featuring Infinite Throw, the SureShot Click-In Safety System, Variable FlyTech Lines, and an ultra-thin 22mm diameter bar, it optimizes kite foiling performance to deliver the ultimate experience on the water. With its innovative design and high-quality materials, the Joystick sets a new standard for control bars in the industry.


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