AK Durable Supply Co. Aerobar 2023 Kitesurfing Review

AK Durable Supply Co. Aerobar 2023

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The Aerobar is a versatile spreader bar platform, offering various connection options to suit different riding styles. With its interchangeable connections, riders can customize their experience based on their preference.

Made from durable reinforced nylon and equipped with stainless-steel hardware, the Aerobar provides direct feedback while ensuring lasting performance. The EVA molded bar pad adds extra comfort during sessions.

For easy entry and exit, the webbing version of the Aerobar features a dual Latch-Lock mechanism on both sides of the spreader bar. This mechanism allows for quick and effortless transitions. Additionally, the release mechanism is deliberately exposed to prevent sand or salt from causing any clogging or malfunctioning, ensuring reliable performance. The webbing buckles are designed to be compatible with harnesses that have 25mm and 40mm webbing slot options.

The Aerobar also offers flexibility with its interchangeable connection system. Depending on the chosen watersport, riders can select either a rope slider or a standard stainless steel kite or windsurfing hook for their connection.

In summary, the Aerobar is a versatile spreader bar platform that offers interchangeable connection options to cater to different riding styles. Its durable construction, comfortable design, and exposed release mechanism ensure reliable performance in various water conditions. Additionally, the webbing buckles provide compatibility with a wide range of harnesses.

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