AK Durable Supply Co. Method RS Flaxfusion M 2023 Kitesurfing Review

AK Durable Supply Co. Method RS Flaxfusion M 2023

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At A Glance

AK Durable Supply Co. is not the biggest kite accessory brand on the market, but they are quickly becoming an important player in the industry, which is pushing innovation in design. Although they are a smaller brand, the South African based AK Durable Supply Co. continues to release exciting new products, offering a fresh take on accessory design.

We were sent the AK Method FlaxFusion RS to try out, which comes stock standard with their low-profile Aerobar RS spreader bar. While it may look like carbon at first glance, the FlaxFusion construction actually uses an ampliTex™ natural fibre reinforcement. Their new RS range also brings the ratchet tightening system to the market.

The flax material stands out like nothing you have seen before. We are so used to carbon harnesses, but AK has gone an environmentally friendlier route while working with Bcomp using a composite flax material. The harness and spreader bar looked like a work of art!

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Sold with the Aerobar RS with an optional Kite Hammerhead Hook or Windsurf Hook.

On The Water

This harness isn't a walk into the shop in your wetsuit, put it on and go kite kind of harness. With the new Aerobar RS spreader bar, you'll need a few minutes to make sure you set it up properly. The spreader bar connects to the harness, and is set it up by using an Allen key to adjust the spreader bar position to ensure it is centred. It does take a few minutes, but once you've set it up, every time you go for a session, it's as simple as putting a belt on.

If you're on the water and you realise your harness isn't tight enough, normally, you would try and crank your harness while riding or, depending on what kind of system you have, put your kite down and readjust. But, with the FlaxFusion's RS ratchet system, you can easily loosen or tighten the harness on the fly with one or two clicks, even when you're mid-session !

While some carbon hardshell harnesses can be considered uncomfortable, this one is quite comfortable, especially if you're not riding overpowered. With its three-stage flex pattern in the Flax shell, this harness is more forgiving than a full moulded carbon shell harness. We highly recommend demoing a hardshell harness before buying, no matter the brand.

Once the harness is on, it sits right where it needs to be, and it doesn't budge at all! If we had one complaint, we would have wanted a little more padding on the spreader bar to stop it from "rolling" when the kite is at 12.

We had a good few sessions on the harness with wind ranging on different days from 15-30 knots. On the lower end of the wind, it felt as if you were riding without a harness, but when you got a little overpowered, and you started to bend your back, you begin to feel the moulded shell.


We are stoked to see the movement to more composite materials; this is a big must for our planet! Although hardshells aren't for everyone, the unique construction of the Method RS FlaxFusion offers a softer approach to a hardshell. The ratchet system is a game-changer, and this harness is worth a closer look for anybody excited about new harness technology. If you're a freestyle rider or just the Sunday cruiser not going out in 30 knots, this harness is a must try!


For more information visit AK Durable Supply Co.


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