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Mystic Stealth 2023

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At A Glance

Always striving for improvement and efficiency, the latest upgrades to the Stealth harness are a testament to their commitment to creating the best products. The Stealth harness, their lightest one yet, now weighs only 900g (1.98lb), a whopping 37% lighter than the previous model. Achieving this weight reduction is thanks to the clever design and 3D padding, providing a minimal yet comfortable grip all around. By reducing the height on the sides, they have optimised freedom of movement while also minimising pressure points during rides. The Battlebelt has also undergone improvements, now thinner and half the thickness of its predecessor, which not only saves on weight but also reduces friction. To top it off, the Stealth now includes the innovative Flexcover storage system with an integrated pocket for a safety knife.

It's important to note that the safety knife and handlepass loop are sold separately.

The Bionic Core Frame of the harness offers stiffness in the horizontal direction while still allowing for flexibility that follows the body's movements. The use of carbon composite enhances the stiffness, making it ideal for extreme conditions.

The Flexagon Drytech ensures a secure fit by sticking to your waist and preventing the harness from shifting during your entire session. Not only that, it is non-water absorbing, giving it a lightweight feel even at the end of your session, this makes it great for those last minute holiday sessions when you want to kite before you fly on the plane but don't want to have to take a load of wet gear in your bag that weighs twice as much as it should.

Thanks to the new Flexcovers, once you've adjusted your webbing, you can store the straps away securely. These Flexcovers come with a locking mechanism to keep the webbing tucked away and out of your way.

With the adaptive leash eye, you can attach your safety leash to either side of the front webbing of the harness, ensuring it is within easy reach in case of emergencies for both left and right handers.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Navy

On The Water

The Stealth has always been a popular harness, and this latest incarnation is sure to be a hit too. It's super comfortable, and the new lower profile allows for even more movement than before. If you like to ride unhooked and throw down some tricks, this harness will be right up your street.

The harness moulds itself to your body, and the memory foam interior is a joy to wear for extended periods even when not in a wetsuit, we haven't had any rubbing at all in our time testing it. We really like the rope spreader bar option, and the integrated spreader bar pad does a great job of keeping the comfort level high while jumping. The rope spreader bar is one of our favourites and offers unprecedented freedom of movement in the waves.

A good harness should fit you well and it's worth trying on a few as we aren't all shaped the same. For me the Mystic Stealth is one of the most comfortable harnesses I have ever worn, it never rides up and sits where I set it every session. The locking mechanism for the spreader bar means I can set the webbing fitting and then just use the leaver to take the harness on and off. This saves valuable time and also means that every session my harness is set up to fit just right and I'm not wasitng time trying to tighten buckles.


The Stealth is back, and it's better than ever, with a fantastic spreader bar and rope option too. It's super comfortable and has a thinner profile from the previous version, allowing for even more freedom of movement. If you like to ride powered and unhooked, this is definitely a harness to consider.

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