AK Durable Supply Co. Method RS Carbon 2023 Kitesurfing Review

AK Durable Supply Co. Method RS Carbon 2023

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The Method RS carbon waist harness is equipped with all the essential elements of a traditional hardback harness. However, it stands out with its additional edge flex and precise anatomical curvature, offering the ultimate ergonomic fit.

The Aerobar RS is an innovative product that utilizes an intuitive quick ratchet system to keep riders securely locked in. It also enables easy single-handed adjustments while on the go. The spreader bar, constructed with durable reinforced nylon and stainless steel hardware, provides direct feedback and includes a comfortable EVA molded bar pad.

Years of composite experience have been invested in the design of the Method RS. It incorporates a polymer supporting structure for a 3-stage flex pattern. This pattern allows for maximum stiffness at the center of the harness, while offering flexibility along the edges. Therefore, the hardback is designed to flex along with the body's movement. The composite construction ensures a long-lasting and rigid structure, providing consistent high-level support over an extended period.

It is essential to note that the rope slider is only compatible with the Dual Latch-Lock version of the Aerobar, not the Aerobar RS.

In summary, the Method RS carbon waist harness combines the familiar features of a classic hardback harness with additional edge flex and anatomical curvature. It is designed to offer riders an ergonomic fit and maximum comfort. The innovative Aerobar RS provides a quick ratchet system for easy adjustments while riding. The harness is constructed with durable materials and includes a spreader bar for direct feedback and added comfort. Its flexible design allows for movement with the body, while the composite construction ensures long-lasting support.


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