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Mystic Majestic 2024

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The Majestic offers the same Bionic Core Frame as the Majestic X model, but with the addition of a Roven glass fiber plate for increased freedom of movement. Whether you're a wave rider or prefer freestyle, the Majestic is a harness that you won't want to miss out on. In terms of updates, the side covers now include a convenient new knife pocket. The Battlebelt has also undergone changes, now being thinner and half the thickness of its previous iteration. This not only helps to reduce weight, but also minimises friction and provides maximum comfort.

It's important to note that the safety knife and handlepass loop are sold separately.

The Bionic Core Frame is designed to be rigid horizontally, while still allowing for twists and turns to match the movements of your body. The carbon composite construction adds extra stiffness for those extreme conditions that demand it.

The harness features foam that has been molded to perfectly adapt to your lower body, ensuring a comfortable fit while you ride. It also includes soft neoprene to prevent any discomfort or rash when riding with bare skin against the edges of the harness.

The innovative Flexcover is designed to securely store any excessive webbing, eliminating any flapping during your session. Additionally, a hidden knife pocket is located behind the cover, providing a practical solution for unexpected situations.

The Battle Belt not only ensures the stability of your harness, but also makes it easy to close your spreader bar. It serves as the starting point for adjusting the tightness of the waist harness.

Safety is always a priority. With the adaptive leash eye, you can attach your safety leash to the front webbing of your harness, which is the safest position as it remains within reach in case of emergencies.

The Bionic Core Frame scores an impressive 8/10 on the stiffness index and also offers a torsion flex of 7/10. This means that it can twist and follow the natural movement of your body, providing both comfort and control even in the harshest conditions. The addition of carbon composite further enhances the harness's ability to offer a comfortable and controlled kitesurfing experience.

Deciding on the right hardshell harness construction is important. Carbon, glass fiber, and plastic composite each offer their own benefits. To learn more about how choosing the right harness can provide a more comfortable and tailored kite session, be sure to explore further.

In summary, the Majestic harness with its Bionic Core Frame, Roven glass fiber plate, and various other features is an excellent choice for wave riding and freestyling. It offers optimal comfort, safety, and versatility in extreme conditions. Additionally, the harness's adjustable features and storage capabilities make it a convenient and practical option for any kitesurfer.

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