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Mystic 2Face 2014

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Now for something completely different! The new 2face Wave Harness from Mystic is somewhat of a revelation. For a while now some of the world’s top wave riders have been modifying their harnesses to allow the hooks to move. A sliding hook allows you to move your body more on the wave. Mystic have gone one step further though. Realising that most wave riders are either goofy or regular, they always take on the wave with a certain foot forward, whether backside or frontside. The 2face takes advantage of this, creating an asymmetric harness that is designed to be flipped depending on whether you ride goofy or regular. The hook can move from the front right round to the side allowing maximum freedom of movement on the wave.

What’s it like? Strange at first, it has to be said. The freedom of movement in the hook is a little disconcerting when you first launch the kite. However, once you are on the wave it really makes sense. In onshore conditions it is often hard to really get vertical, yet the 2face allows you to completely twist and turn your entire body.  This allows you to get past vertical and to actually carve arcs on the wave that were previously not really possible, certainly not possible without some discomfort. The hook slides exceedingly freely and once you get used to the feeling then it becomes second nature. We jumped back on the water with a normal harness to see how it compared and instantly felt we were missing something. The disadvantages are that it isn’t great for freeriding as the comfort level isn’t on par with some of their other harnesses, the hook obviously can move from side to side, but also lift a little. This means if you want to take one harness on holiday, and you’ll be twin tipping and riding some waves, the 2face probably won’t do the job. If however you are a die-hard wave head, then you’ll be converted as soon as you crank your first bottom turn! How come we didn’t think of this before?

For wave riders out there the 2face offers one of the best solutions going and will allow your waveriding to open up to new levels.


This review was in Issue 41 of IKSURFMAG.


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