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Mystic Warrior 2012

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The Mystic Warrior harness has been around for a while now, this generation III model incorporates all of their harness know-how. Packed with top end features it is sure to be a popular choice. Soft edges so you can wear it with boardies, 3D Thermo moulded interior and exterior for comfort and shape and a neoprene cover to ensure the buckles and webbing stay as fresh as ever.

The Warrior III has an internal “Battle Belt” to keep it snug around your waist, then the bar is connected using their Clicker 3.0 system which is very easy to use. Two large webbing straps tension everything up and finally there is a lower strap to hold the spreader bar down.

The Warrior III is a very comfortable harness to wear, it offers a good amount of freedom in terms of body movement when performing tricks and is comfortable when riding toeside. The lower webbing strap does a good job of keeping the hook down and we enjoyed the simplicity of slipping the harness on and off.

The spreader bar is integrated into a pad to keep if comfy and there is a kite knife inserted into the bottom of the pad, which is easy to grab should you ever need it. The styling of the harness is very good too and with no less than 7 colour ways there should be something to suit you. Sadly no extra pockets for wax combs or a non-electronic key.

Overall, A good looking harness that works well for freestyle and wave riding, comfortable and non restrictive allowing good movement for the rider without the feeling of being constrained.

This review was in Issue 34 of IKSURFMAG.

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