Mystic Majestic 2020 Kitesurfing Review

Mystic Majestic 2020

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At A Glance

The Mystic Majestic harness is a hardshell offering that offers a touch less rigidity than the hugely popular Majestic X. It uses the same Bionic Core Frame shape and design, but features Roving glass fibre rather than carbon, allowing just a little more flex into the frame.

The idea is that it offers more freedom of movement and is the perfect choice for discerning wave riders and freestylers looking for a top of the range harness from Mystic. With soft neoprene edges and a smooth interior, the harness can be fitted with a range of spreader bars depending on your preferred choice.

We opted for the new Stealth Spreader bar, which has been tested and written about HERE. The harness is incredibly well put together and comes complete with that Mystic build quality they have become so well known for.

On The Water

I’ll be honest; I’ve not worn Mystic harnesses that much, a harness and it’s fit is a very personal thing and while I have tried a few I’ve not found one I’ve genuinely fallen in love with. Until I tried this one, I wasn’t expecting to find it as comfortable as I did, but for me, it’s a great fit, and I love wearing it.

I hardly notice it is on and the levels of support are impressive. It stays in place well, and I rarely find myself pushing it back down during a session, even after heavy wipeouts. I enjoyed the new Stealth bar too, this makes the harness for me, and I wouldn’t have it in another setup.

It’s comfortable enough to wear with board shorts, the smooth interior is very soft on your skin, even during a long session. At first, I thought the Stealth Bar was missing a knife pocket, but this is found on the harness itself, which is excellent. That was my one and only gripe, and it was just me not looking hard enough.


If you’ve not gelled with the very stiff Majestic X, try this version, it’s stiff, but has enough give to be really comfortable and still offer plenty of support. It takes a lot to get me to switch harnesses; the Majestic has won me over though!

For more information visit Mystic


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