Dakine Sliding Spreader Bar  2014 Kitesurfing Review

Dakine Sliding Spreader Bar 2014

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Dakine 186,941

This spreader bar is an upgrade for your existing Dakine harness, but it is worth mentioning it should fit on most harnesses. You will need to double check though as some have different release mechanisms. The premise is simple enough, a sliding hook allows greater freedom of movement for wave riding. Lots of the top pro’s are using sliding spreader bars they have made themselves and so the Dakine engineering department got to work to create this.

It has been upgraded from last years version with a new Kevlar reinforced strap, this reduces the wear and tear on the webbing which holds the sliding hammerhead hook. The webbing can be tightened, which is great as it gives a little after a couple of uses and it can still be easily replaced if you wear through it.

The bar comes in two sizes, a 12” version that allows 10” of travel and a 14” version that allows 12” of travel. Before you go racing out to buy the one with the most travel remember that the larger spreader bar will be too big for thinner riders…

As you can fit this to your existing harness it means you still get to use your favourite and most comfortable harness. It is also all right for using with a twin tip too as the movement goes both ways from the centre of the hook, not just to one side. It offers more freedom of movement for riding toeside and blind, and is also great in the waves. As one of our testers said, it’s a game changer. However, bear in mind it won’t suit everyone, as the hook moves it can ride up a little, so if you like a locked down hook feeling this won’t be for you… If you ride waves a lot then it is definitely worth a look, you’ll enjoy the extra freedom of movement the sliding spreader bar provides!

This review was in Issue 41 of IKSURFMAG.


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