AK Durable Supply Co. Method Carbon 2023 Kitesurfing Review

AK Durable Supply Co. Method Carbon 2023

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The Method carbon waist harness offers a unique combination of classic hardback design and enhanced flexibility. Its accurate anatomical curvature and edge flex ensure a perfect ergonomic fit. They have utilized their extensive experience in composite materials and incorporated a polymer supporting structure to achieve a 3-stage flex pattern. This design allows maximum stiffness in the center while providing flexibility along the harness edge, enabling it to move with your body.

In addition to its structural benefits, the carbon composite construction of the hardback ensures durability and long-lasting rigidity. You can count on the Method to provide consistent high-level support over an extended period of time.

To enhance comfort, they have incorporated a full neoprene interior and a layer of memory foam. This combination cushions your back from the hard external shell, ensuring optimal comfort even during long periods of use.

Please note that the aerobar is sold separately and offers optional kite hook, windsurf hook, or rope slider.

In summary, the Method carbon waist harness combines classic hardback elements with cutting-edge flexibility and anatomical curvature for a truly ergonomic fit. Its composite construction, combined with a polymer supporting structure, ensures both durability and the ability to move with your body. With its neoprene interior and memory foam cushioning, this harness prioritizes comfort. Whether you're into kiteboarding, windsurfing, or other water sports, the Method harness offers the ultimate support and ergonomic design you need.


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