AK Durable Supply Co. Synth 2023 Kitesurfing Review

AK Durable Supply Co. Synth 2023

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The Synth waist harness offers intermediate to experienced riders the support of a hard-back harness while still allowing freedom and torsional flex. Its Curv shell, known for its lightweight and durability, provides intermediate flex and distributes the load from the center lumbar support section into the flexible outside edges. The harness also features a full neoprene interior liner for premium performance and comfort, whether in a wetsuit or not.

For more customization, the Aerobar can be purchased separately with the option of a kite hook, windsurf hook, or rope slider. This modular spreader bar platform allows for interchangeable connection options depending on your preferred riding style. The durable reinforced nylon body and stainless steel hardware provide direct feedback, and the EVA molded bar pad adds comfort. The webbing version includes a dual Latch-Lock mechanism for easy entry and exit, compatible with harnesses that have 25mm and 40mm webbing slot options. Whether you choose a rope slider or a stainless steel kite or windsurfing hook, the interchangeable connection system caters to various watersports.

In summary, the Synth waist harness offers a combination of support, flexibility, and comfort for intermediate to experienced riders. Its Curv shell provides durability and weight distribution, while the full neoprene interior liner enhances performance. The optional Aerobar with various connection options further enhances customization for different riding styles and watersports.


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