Ride Engine Roam V1 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Ride Engine Roam V1 2023

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Introducing the Roam harness by Ride Engine, perfect for core minimalists or adventurers who need to save space during their travels.

Traveling with all your gear can be a challenge nowadays, with the need to fit in boards, kites, sails, foils, and more, while also avoiding overweight bags. Thankfully, Ride Engine has created the Roam harness, designed to be flexible enough to fit into the smallest available space. Despite being extremely lightweight, this harness doesn't compromise on support or performance. They have incorporated the Lumbar Lock technology through the Cradle Support System, ensuring uniform support across the back without any pressure points or discomfort. The Cell Lock foam used in this harness is non-water-absorbent, keeping it light and easy to pack, while also drying quickly.

Equipped with the Unity Webbing Connection system, the Roam harness allows for a one-time adjustment that can be easily set and forgotten. This makes it the go-to harness when space is limited. Offering uncompromising fit and performance, the Roam has shed any unnecessary bulk, making it the perfect travel companion.

It's hard to believe that so much technology has been packed into such an ultra-lightweight harness. The Roam features the Cradle Support System for a perfect Lumbar Lock fit, Cell-Lock Foam for a water-resistant body interface, and is compatible with the Unity spreader bar, among many other features.

With its minimalist design, lightweight construction, and easily rollable and foldable nature, the Roam harness can be easily packed into small spaces. The webbing support spans the entire back, ensuring a secure and even fit across the lower back. The Lycra laminate on the closed-cell foam interior minimizes water penetration and provides all-day comfort.

For freestyle riders, the Roam harness offers a handle-pass-leash mount at the back, which can be easily removed for windsurfing. Additionally, there are two attachment points in the front for use with a short leash.

The Roam harness features an internal, single-closure waist-belt strap for a secure fit and easy adjustment. It also has a convenient hook-knife pocket for quick and emergency access.

The Unity Spreader Bar included with the Roam harness is compatible with other harnesses that do not have Unity Ladder-Lock Straps. Simply use the Unity Webbing Conversion Clips to enjoy the benefits of the Unity Spreader Bar's dual Tension Lock latch closures.

In summary, Ride Engine presents the Roam harness, designed for those who value minimalism and need a packable harness. It offers uncompromising performance, a lightweight design, and various innovative features that ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Whether you're a world traveler or a frequent adventurer, the Roam harness is the ideal choice for saving space and enhancing your riding experience.


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