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Dakine Pyro 2012

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The Dakine Pyro has a long history in kitesurfing, it is the longest running harness in the sport and the flagship of the Dakine range. It features 3d Thermoform shaping for maximum comfort, the Power Clip Lock buckle system, integrated spreader bar pad, double sided pockets and a 6 point hook tension system.

Putting on a Pyro is a little like putting on an old friend, but in a good way, not in a Silence of the Lambs kind of way! The power belt uses a double Velcro closure to ensure the harness is snug and the Power Clip Lock buckle system works really well to ensure you don’t have to constantly tighten the hook up every time you put the harness on. The hook is held in place with 4 primary buckles and also a spreader bar hold down strap. There is a kite knife integrated into the spreader bar pad and also two pockets on either side of the harness with loops inside to fasten keys, wax combs or a secondary knife if you wish.

The Pyro is a solid harness, once fixed in place it really doesn’t budge at all. We did find the topside of the harness a little stiffer than last year, but it was still very comfortable. It offers a good range of movement and the hook is very stable indeed, riding toeside the harness doesn’t twist or rotate. We really liked the extra pockets on the side, great for a wax comb if you ride strapless.

Overall, The Pyro is a piece of kitesurfing history that keeps setting a standard in the industry. Packed with features it keeps the hook in place no matter how hard you ride.

This review was in Issue 34 of IKSURFMAG.

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