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ION Products Vertex 2012

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The Vertex from ION is a feature rich harness aimed at the rider looking for a good all round harness that provides good support with good flexibility. It features the new X_Spine construction from ION to improve support, soft edges to prevent rashes and an internal Velcro belt to keep it tight. The spreader bar is incorporated into the spreader bar pad and a kite knife is easily accessible. There is a push button release for the bar, which is easy to operate.

The Vertex is very simple to put on, tighten the internal belt, clip in the spreader bar and just tighten one strap and you are good to go. The V strap allows the hook to be tensioned in two places with just one buckle, which helps hold the hook down. There are covers over the buckles to prevent wear from carrying boards.

The Vertex feels light, and its simplicity is welcome on the beach when you are racing to get on the water. The comfort is good; the harness is fairly stiff, giving good support in the right places. We didn’t find any pressure points when we were wearing it. Being simple it is also very light, yet the styling still impresses with the “carbon” detailing.

There is a handle pass leash attachment on the back, as well as separate leash rings on each side for riders simply looking for somewhere to connect their leash. The clip in and out spreader bar works really well, even with cold hands.

Overall, Simple and effective is what we have here, the internal features make it very comfortable and the external bells and whistles are kept to a minimum to keep the weight down and ease of use up…

This review was in Issue 34 of IKSURFMAG.

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