Dakine Pyro Leverlock  2015 Kitesurfing Review

Dakine Pyro Leverlock 2015

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Dakine is a huge brand not only in kitesurfing, but in many extreme sports. It has been a huge accessory supplier for kitesurfers worldwide since the sport began. Dakine has always been known for its top quality, supportive and incredibly comfortable harnesses, both for kitesurfing and its roots in windsurfing harnesses.

This issue we got our hands on the new Pyro Leverlock 15s in Black. The Pyro comes in with 3 different choices of spreader bar, the Maniac (with a sliding spreader), the Leverlock that we have here, or the classic hammerhead spreader. The Pyro is rammed with features such as; memory foam pressure point release zones, pre-curved P.E.B inner support structure, independent primary and secondary power belt, dual blade knife, extra knife/key pockets, spreader bar hold down strap, left or right leash attachment points and much more. Now a lot of this can be very baffling and to be honest you don't need to worry, when looking for a harness, you need an easy attachment system on the spreader bar, comfort, build quality, a knife and a good safety leash attachment. If a harness ticks all of those and fits you well then you’re laughing.

Now onto the Leverlock, the spreader bar is different to most and can be seen well on the Dakine website. It is incredibly simple and a lot easier than some of the previous systems to connect and secure. The lock part of the Leverlock system clips in to ensure the harness cannot open at all – perfect!

When getting the Pyro unwrapped it was apparent that Dakine’s build quality hadn't changed one bit, just as solid and well built as my first harness in the early 2000’s. Although the Pryo is slightly higher backed than most harnesses, it was incredibly comfortable and was a snug fit, providing support in all the right places. When riding with lots of power it didn't ride up at all, and the new freedom spreader bar pad was brilliant, smaller than most pads it didn't rise up into the rib area in the slightest.

Overall, we were really impressed to see that Dakine has continued to make top quality harnesses with plenty of attention to detail and a comfortable fit to complete the package. Looking forward to many hours on the water with this latest incarnation of the renowned Pyro!

This review was in Issue 51 of IKSURFMAG.


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