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Dakine Wahine 2015

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Dakine have been at the forefront of harness design ever since the days of kite pants and 2-line Wipika’s. The Wahine has gone through some pretty big changes over the years, from being the token women’s harness with a little pink detailing, to the technical ergonomic and entirely specific harness it is today.

For 2015 we can see a major change to the Wahine. The past few years have had a very tall harness, which offers support on the entire back, but could sometimes slip up if not tightened correctly, especially for those with bums and boobs. The Wahine now has a much slimmer outline, fitting perfectly between hips and ribs, really allowing the harness to feel part of your body rather than restricting and engulfing it.

The Wahine has a pre-curved P.E.B inner support structure, which holds the shape of the harness, and the added memory foam at those essential pressure points keep the harness feeling super comfy session after session.
The tried and tested power belt system is in use, holding the harness snug to your body at all times. It is imperative to have this done up well to avoid any slipping of the harness.

The spreader bar pad moulds around the spreader bar to ensure there are no sharpe edges digging in anywhere. Just in case you have not done the harness up tight enough, there is an additional strap which goes just under the spreader hook, really cranking the spreader bar down at all times. A Power Clip Lock buckle system means there is no way your harness can come undone at the wrong time. The Wahine is also compatible with the Maniac and Leverlock spreader bars, should you wish to upgrade. A knife is supplied just tucked into the bar pad, in the unfortunate chance you get into any sticky situations and have to slash your way out.

There are plenty of leash attachment points on the harness, left, right or even on the handle at the back there is a webbing strap with hoop attached for those gearing up to practice those handle passing moves.
We tested the rather slick and subtle black version of the harness, but Dakine have also offered up a jazzy cheetah design and a rather pretty daisy version.


A huge improvement in this years Wahine, which will now suit a variety of women, including those with a more womanly shape for whom previously the Wahine may not have sat comfortably.

This review was in Issue 51 of IKSURFMAG.


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