ION Products Nova Diamond  2015 Kitesurfing Review

ION Products Nova Diamond 2015

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ION products always seem to be the elite in terms of kite accessories. Adorned with features, technology and innovation, we were incredibly excited to get our hands on the new 2015 women’s Nova Diamond harness.

The Nova Diamond is the top female specific harness from ION, and has been designed as a multi-discipline harness so should be a top choice for all.

The harness is much chunkier in appearance than other harnesses we have had on test recently, this is due primarily to the vast amount of memory foam and padding, positioned in all key areas, to really get that harness to mould to your body and feel part of it, spreading the power of the kite across your back rather than in one portion.

The harness is incredibly comfy, not only due to all the padding, but also the technology behind it. Features such as the Contour Shape 2.0, which through using different shaped segments throughout the harness, enables it to be a perfect fit to upper and lower parts of your back at all times.

The harness is secured using the internal Flex Belt, this holds the harness in place when not hooked, and also provides extra support.

A large and very effective spreader bar pad has come into play for 2015, named the ‘Pro Pad’ it is the worlds first foam moulded protection pad. The spreader bar features the tried and tested push button release, though this can become fiddly when you’ve got it done up super tight and sometimes it’s easier to loosen the harness a little to remove.

The spreader bar is attached by the Quick Fit 2.0 lever buckle system, which features two ratchet clips at each side, enabling you to really tighten that harness as much as needed. These are also very easy and quick to undo.

Not only that, the Nova Diamond also comes equipped with a safety knife tucked under the spreader bar, should you ever find yourself in a position where you would need to cut lines to aid your escape.

There are various leash attachment points including a sliding ring on the handle to connect your handle pass leash.

Overall we found the harness incredibly comfy, the soft edges are a real bonus, and when kiting without a wetsuit maintains the same level comfort. There was almost no harness movement throughout a kite session, but it does need to be very tight to control this. Due to the smaller back and side size, it will also suit a wide range of body shapes, from petite riders to those with larger hips.

This review was in Issue 51 of IKSURFMAG.

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