ION Products Sol Curv XS 2022 Kitesurfing Review

ION Products Sol Curv XS 2022

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At A Glance

Having a comfortable harness is essential, and when you find a harness you are happy with, it's unlikely that you can be convinced to try other models. ION has an unparalleled reputation for its products. Throw in fancy words like Curv_Spine and Ergo_Pad, which provide the perfect fit for everyone's body size and shape, and they immediately had our attention!

When the ION Sol Curv Harness arrived in the box, my first thought was it looked like a solid piece of kit, and when I tried it on, it instantly felt like it was designed for me. The interchangeable Ergo_Pad offer optimal lumbar support on the inside (you can choose between medium or high support based on your needs - I went for the medium set-up, and I haven't found the need to try the other set-up yet). As opposed to putting pressure on the spine, the channel acts as a groove with padding on both sides to keep your spine in place and provide support where you need it.

ION's sleek spreader bar, including a lightweight aluminium hook, is the latest innovation in spreader bar technology. It is incredibly flexible and has a slim outline. The Curv_Flaps tuck in neatly, making it extremely streamlined and snug, and it instantly feels like the harness is there to stay. The harness also arrived with an integrated Knite_Knife Multitool 2.0 and HPL_Slider.

Going away on a 2-week van trip, needless to say, I couldn't wait to test out this bright pink/blue camouflage harness in Scotland!

Sizes: 34/XS, 36/S, 38/M, 40/L, 72/ST, 76/MT

On The Water

When I got on the water, I initially thought I had forgotten something because the harness felt so light, comfortable, and contoured to my body shape. The harness offered a good balance between direct feeling, flexibility, and support on the water, and even after a 2-hour session, there was no sign of any discomfort. The harness had stayed in place and hadn't even loosened up despite having crashed in the waves a few times and having been overpowered.

It was a blessing not to have to adjust and readjust the harness in between sessions, thanks to the C_30 buckles. Simply pull on the webbing to tighten and push on the top of the carbon buckle to release the buckle.

If you've ever been on a van trip, you'll know how tedious and inconvenient it is to have wet kit dripping everywhere. With this harness, the Hyper_Foam inside offered padding and comfort without carrying water – a bonus!


In terms of durability, attention to detail, and comfort, the ION Sol Curv checks all the boxes! If you've been struggling to find a harness that fits you well, make sure you get to your closest ION dealer and test one out. With the bright colourway, there's no way anyone will have trouble spotting you in this pink/blue camouflaged harness! For those looking for something a bit more subtle, it's also available in black with a small pop of pink.


This review was in Issue 95 of IKSURFMAG.

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