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Prolimit Predator 2015

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The Predator harness from Prolimit has been in their line up for a few years now, the design is tried and tested, but it features some great technical features too, as well as boasting great looks!

The Predator is pre-curved and 3D shaped for a great fit and features a four point connected neoprene belt to keep the harness in place. The spreader bar also makes use of four connection points to ensure it is held in place. The harness uses the patented Pin Release Fat Bar system which enables you to quickly click the harness together and then pull a release pin to take it apart again. This is easy to operate and works really well, it’s simple but very effective.

The bar pad itself inserts into the sides of the harness to stop the hook from riding up and when we were using the Predator we had no issues in this area. The internal side of the harness is really comfortable with super soft neoprene and foam ensuring maximum comfort at all times. There are also multiple leash attachment points to cater for all kinds of riders.

The comfort stakes are high with the Predator, even against bare skin the harness didn’t rub excessively and the floating back pillow is a good feature too. If you want a harness that allows lots of movement for arched freestyle tricks the Predator is very good, it’s got a low profile and you hardly notice you are wearing it. Comfortable, ridiculously stylish and feature laden, the Predator is definitely one to consider!

This review was in Issue 51 of IKSURFMAG.

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