Prolimit Vapor Thermal Rebound Freex FTM Ltd 5/3mm 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Prolimit Vapor Thermal Rebound Freex FTM Ltd 5/3mm 2023

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At A Glance

Prolimit has been making wetsuits for a long time, and they have a rich history in windsurfing and kitesurfing. Their Vapor Free Zip wetsuit for men is regarded as the best technical wetsuit on the market. They have incorporated Thermal Rebound technology into this suit, which includes an additional layer between the neoprene and Zodiac that reflects body heat and effectively blocks wind chill. The neoprene of the suit is also 5/3 mm thick, making it one of the warmest wetsuits available. The Vapor boasts a liquid rubber seal on the seams, effectively preventing water from entering and protecting the seams while maintaining flexibility.

The Nature Prene range is focused on environmentally friendly products, promoting cleaner air and water. Prolimit's PF1 series wetsuits are made from plant-based rubber that is FSC certified. The neoprene is laminated with recycled polyester and lined with recycled PET bottles. Water-based glue is used for lamination. These wetsuits offer 20% more stretch and are lighter than previous models, providing excellent freedom of movement even in extreme conditions.

The V4X fabric is a new generation of neoprene used in Prolimit's high-end VAPOR wetsuits. It has unique stretch characteristics combined with Airflex2 lining and Zodiac2 lining, providing unbeatable stretch, durability, warmth, and a distinctive appearance.

Prolimit features three types of Airflex neoprene: Airflex 300+, Airflex 500+, and Airflex 550+. These neoprenes are made from limestone, and the stretch can be adjusted by modifying the formula for the foaming agents. The final flexibility of the panels is determined by the lamination process with different backings.

The Down AirFlex fabric is a water-repellent and dry-wicking material that offers the feel of down and maximises the stretch of the Airflex neoprene. It is featured on the Predator and Flare wetsuits and, when combined with the Velvet AirFlex2 lining, creates a unique material.

The Neolight heather 550+ fabric adds a luxurious look to the Mercury and OxyGen wetsuits. It offers increased softness, stretch, and a smooth feel to the outer lining. The two-tone colour scheme also indicates the areas where the unique TR lining, which incorporates NASA technology, is used. This fabric is combined with the velvet feel Airflex2 inner lining and Thermal Rebound triple layering.

Prolimit uses limestone neoprene, which is more effective, comfortable, longer-lasting, and eco-friendly than petroleum-based neoprene. This choice of material allows their wetsuits to be easily taken off, reduce drag, and increase buoyancy for improved performance in water sports. Additionally, their neoprene sheets are Reach Compliant, meaning they do not contain extender oils that harm the environment. This neoprene is also free from solvents and complies with strict restrictions on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

The FTM Taped seams of Prolimit wetsuits employ their Fluid Taping Method for construction. Triple glued seams are sealed on the outside with a wider black carbon neoprene seal. The inside of the seams is protected using glued and blind-stitched technology. FTM taped seams are durable and watertight and maintain their high stretch.

Prolimit also uses glued and blind stitched seams, in which triple glued panels are stitched together using a special method that partially punctures the neoprene, ensuring the watertightness of the seams. Each thread is protected by a tape at the end, and the resulting finish makes the seams highly durable. The precise seam and material placement provide a tailored fit without over-stretching the neoprene, preventing thinning and loss of thermal insulation.

Thermal Rebound is a 4-layer construction lining technology that originated from NASA's development of thermal blankets for their manned space missions. This insulation technology is now incorporated into Prolimit's neoprene wetsuits, providing protection against cold conditions.

The Zodiac2 lining consists of Zodiac Jacquard velvet fleece on the inside, layered with a quick-dry thermal fleece for enhanced warmth and comfort. It absorbs moisture from the skin, releases it quickly, and improves overall comfort.

The Velvet AirFlex 550+ and 500+ lining is softer, more stretchy, comfortable, and quick-drying. This advancement in wetsuit technology is easily recognisable due to its smooth and velvety texture.

Sizes: 46/XS, 48/S, 50/M, 51/MT, 52/L, 53/LT, 54/XL, 56/XXL

On The Water

The Prolimit Vapor is the top-of-the-line wetsuit from the brand, and it is packed with tech. The 5/3mm thickness makes it incredibly warm, and the Thermal Rebound technology really adds to that warmth. The suit is one of the most comfortable I have worn; the stretch of the neoprene is incredible, and the fit is very good, too. The free-zip entry is easy to use and seals well. With the liquid rubber seal on the seams, the suit is super watertight and keeps you snug even on the coldest days.

The 5/3mm thickness makes it a great suit for the depths of winter and the early and late season, too. It's not the sort of suit you'll be wearing in the middle of summer, but it does offer a fantastic range of movement, which is great for kitesurfing. It's also worth noting the suit has a quick-dry thermal lining, which means it doesn't stay wet for long, even after a long session. This is a great feature when you're on a trip and need to dry your suit out overnight.

I've been a big fan of Prolimit suits for a long time, and the Vapor is a great suit, especially if you're looking for something to keep you warm on the coldest of days.


A warm, comfortable, and high-performing wetsuit, the Prolimit Vapor ticks all the boxes. If you're looking for a suit that will keep you warm in the depths of winter or on the windiest of days, then this should be on your shortlist. A great fit and packed with tech, it's a suit that will last you a long time and be a pleasure to wear.

This review was in Issue 102 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Alex Chater

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