Prolimit Vapor Free-X Powerseam 6/4mm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Prolimit Vapor Free-X Powerseam 6/4mm 2019

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At A Glance

Growing up I never had particularly technical wetsuits, and I never really felt the cold (oh the bliss of youth!), yet in recent years things have changed. We want to get out and make the most of the conditions regardless of the temperatures, and with technology advancing (at fairly reasonable prices) it has now become a no-brainer to kit yourself out with a decent winter suit.

Some people are keen to go all-out with max neoprene and built-in hoods, something like the Mercury 6/4 Hooded from Prolimit, while others are stoked with a decent 5mm and a load of star-jumps on the beach. For those on the fence there’s the option for the extra rubber of the 6mm without a fixed hood. As a UK kiter who heads out in the hail, snow and a variety of conditions, I like the warmth of a 6mm suit, however personally I prefer to ride without a hood. I have never been more stoked to receive the 6/4mm Vapor Chest Zip from Prolimit for testing - it’s hoodless and a 6mm: win.

On The Water

First impressions of this suit were that it was lightweight and looks good in grey and blue with subtle orange trim. The interior Zodiac lining covers most of the chest, the center back and all the way down to the knees. I did feel that the lining could have covered slightly more of the back and come higher up the chest, although that being said I never felt cold so does it really need it, or am I just being fussy?! The lining is incredibly comfortable, not itchy in the slightest and dries extra fast.

Getting into the suit is a doddle, there is plenty of room in this FreeX asymmetrical front zip suit. The suit is stretchy and feels very comfortable to wear for long periods. No rubbing under the arms or backs of the knees. It was a great fit for myself around the neck, no unexpected flushing here, unless you wanted to cool down! The Vapor is very well sealed and doesn’t let in floods of water through the seams.


This suit got top marks from myself, built well, superbly warm, and incredibly comfortable. I actually found myself using this suit as one of my daily go-to suits. If you’re looking for a new wetsuit to keep you toasty this winter I can recommend the 6/4mm Vapor!

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By Robin and Sukie
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