Prolimit Mercury Steamer Hooded Thermal Rebound FTM 6/4 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Prolimit Mercury Steamer Hooded Thermal Rebound FTM 6/4 2023

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The Prolimit Mercury TR hooded steamer free x wetsuit for men is designed to provide warmth and comfort during long cold sessions on the water. It features thermal rebound technology, an extra layer between the neoprene and zodiac that reflects body heat and blocks wind chill. With 6mm thick neoprene, it is one of the warmest wetsuits available. The built-in hood offers protection from sudden head pains and cold, and the taped seams ensure water tightness and protection. The suit has an asymmetrical zip that opens up at one shoulder, making it slightly more challenging to put on, but it also reduces water entry.

The suit's 4 layer construction includes Thermal Rebound lining, a technology originally developed by NASA in the 1970s for insulation in manned space missions. This same principle is now used in major sporting events to provide athletes with protection against cold conditions. The suit also features super stretchy neoprene for insulation and unrestricted movement, alloy thermal rebound for retention and regulation of body heat, and a quick dry thermal fleece with Zodiac2plush thermal grid for optimal warmth.

With an extra protective layer between the neoprene and Zodiac2 to reflect body heat and block wind chill, the Prolimit Mercury TR wetsuit incorporates patent pending technology. The heather fabric adds a luxury look to the wetsuit, with extra yarns for a softer, more stretchable, and smoother outer lining. The two-tone color scheme indicates areas where the unique TR lining is used, in combination with the velvet feel Airflex2 inner lining and Thermal Rebound triple layering.

The FTM TAPED SEAMS construction ensures durable, watertight seams that maintain high stretch. The Zodic Jacquard velvet fleece on the inside, layered with a quick dry thermal fleece, not only provides warmth but also absorbs and releases water from the skin for increased comfort.

The laminated neoprene sheets used in the wetsuit are joined together using water-based glue, known as aqua-α. This solvent-free and chemical-free glue eliminates the risk of latex allergies. Despite being water-based, the glue is strong and will not dissolve in water.

In summary, the Prolimit Mercury TR hooded steamer free x wetsuit for men offers exceptional warmth, comfort, and protection against cold conditions. With advanced technologies and high-quality construction, this wetsuit is a reliable choice for cold-water activities.


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