Prolimit Mercury Steamer Hooded Thermal Rebound FTM 6/4 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Prolimit Mercury Steamer Hooded Thermal Rebound FTM 6/4 2023

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At A Glance

The Mercury is the top-of-the-range winter wetsuit from Prolimit. The torso of the suit features 6mm neoprene with the Zodiac2 lining, with 4mm in the legs and arms. In addition, there is the Thermal Rebound technology which is an additional layer just under the inner jersey which acts like a space blanket from NASA, reflecting body heat back and stopping wind chill.

Combined with the built in hood, this makes it one of the warmest wetsuits on the market, ideal for the coldest conditions you’ll encounter. It also comes with a built-in hood to offer even more protection from the elements.

The Zodiac2 lining is Prolimit's flexible, quick-drying, and warm inner lining. It’s plush against your skin and feels great to wear. The suit is very well constructed, using glued and blind-stitched with a liquid outer seam to keep water out. On the inside, there is taping in the critical areas too to help prolong the life of the suit.

An asymmetrical front zip helps reduce water ingress and there are drainage holes and velcro patches on the ankles for straps to lock the bottom of the legs in place. The suit feels exceedingly premium and this is enhanced with the Neolite Heather 550+ neoprene that has a very striking look to it, it is also super stretchy and comfortable.

In The Water

The Mercury is a fantastic wetsuit. I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks now, and I’ve been really impressed with how warm it is. The hood is also a great addition, and it’s nice not to have to wear a separate hood when the water is really cold. Come December I’m rarely out of a hooded suit, they make such a difference to your sessions especially when you are follically challenged like me haha.

The suit is also very comfortable to wear. The neoprene is super stretchy, which means it moves with your body and doesn’t restrict your movement in any way. This is great for kitesurfing, as it allows you to perform all your tricks without feeling restricted by your wetsuit. The suit is also very easy to get on and off despite the asymmetrical zip. I’d say this is one of the easiest hooded suits I have had to take on and off, this means less time half in and out of the suit in the car park.

The legs drain well when riding in choppy water and the straps are great for anchoring the suit in place. With the hood down the suit does a reasonable job of keeping water out, often when you warm up you’ll want to pull the hood down, and then when you wipe out it can be a horrendous experience, but the Mercury creates a reasonable seal around your neck.

I’ve surfed a lot in this suit which is always a good test of the flex and comfort and I’ve really enjoyed my sessions. With the hood up there is a good seal around your face and you don’t get much ingress when duck diving.


A really high quality and premium feeling suit from Prolimit, if you’ve struggled to get hooded suits on in the past, try the Mercury, the easiest suit I’ve had to take on and off in a long time. It’s also super warm and very comfortable to wear.


This review was in Issue 102 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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