Prolimit Alpha Waist Harness S 2022 Kitesurfing Review

Prolimit Alpha Waist Harness S 2022

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At A Glance

The Alpha waist harness is PROLIMIT’s top of the range hardshell harness. Equipped with the very best science, design and materials this hardshell design sits right up there in the hardshell market. It seems every brand is now opting to have a premium carbon hardshell in the range and PROLIMIT has hit a home run with this one.

This carbon pre-shaped molded hardshell offers fantastic support whilst coming locked and loaded with the titanium electroplated Alpha spreader bar. As you can see it features a carbon plate that hugs the back of the harness. Inside features soft padded neoprene in the areas that need more comfort offering a comfortable ride and great back support.

Minimal flex, maximum stiffness is what you get from this harness. The Alpha spreader bar has a quick and easy lock in system with easy adjustable tighteners to offer the perfect fit. Once your fit is set simply lock it in and get out riding. You won't find yourself altering the sizing after every session to get the harness on and off. The hook is also a great size and can be easily changed for a surf-slide rope.

Aside from it being a fantastic harness it comes in a stealthy black and when you’ve got it in your hands it really does feel well designed, well put together and will last an extremely long time. With a similar feel to the Mystic Majestic X or Ride Engine Elite I do believe it competes with the best. Price wise it does come in at quite a hefty €499 but what carbon hardshells are cheap these days?

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

On The Water

With this harness being quite small, it perfectly fits the curvature of your back. Although it might be personal preference with what you like, if you find that the oval smaller shaped hardshell harnesses are best for your frame then it should fit like a glove!

With it being a carbon shell yet also having a lock system for the spreader bar, you never find this harness riding up. When harnesses ride up, it can get extremely uncomfortable and you’ll find yourself adjusting back after finishing a jump or rotation. With the Alpha that issue gets taken out of the picture and with the neoprene padding, it really does offer great comfort from start to finish. When wet, it doesn't feel heavy on the body and with all the memory foam padding, your body will feel menial load during your sessions.

It’s true to size. I’m a 30-31 on the waist and the small fit perfectly. With plenty of straps to alter the size, there'll be lots of flexibility if your sizing does change over time. One thing I couldn't see on this harness was a safety knife slot. I know this is something some water users like to have, so if you do opt for this harness maybe you would attach that to a pocket in your wetsuit. With that said, I wouldn't let this little loss put you off a fantastic harness.


If you want to invest in a solid carbon hardshell harness, the PROLIMIT Alpha will tick all the boxes. It looks slick, rides great, is super comfortable, and will keep you on the water for longer than before! I’ve definitely found that since the introduction of hard-shells to the market, my core and hips have not taken as much load and I can stay out for longer or do multiple sessions in the day! Having a hard shell is something I highly recommend so be sure to consider this beauty!


This review was in Issue 94 of IKSURFMAG.

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