Prolimit VEX 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Prolimit VEX 2019

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At A Glance

The VEX is a low-profile 3D molded waist harness. It is pre-curved and has an internal load frame. It comes with multiple leash attachment points, uses four straps for tightening and comes with the Fat Bar (a wide bar mounted on a super wide pad). The spreader bar is a pin release and is super easy to clip in and out of.

When first checking out the VEX it is apparent just how well built this harness is. It oozes a top-quality construction. The VEX comes in a few color variants: Black/Gold, Blue/Orange and Pewter/Yellow. All of these look decent and the Blue/Orange paired well with the Vapor 6/4mm CZ suit we tested – good to note if adding style points is your bag!

On The Water

When first fitting the VEX it is refreshingly low profiled for a non-hard-shell harness, something we see on the newer models like the Vapor harness from Prolimit. Pulling right into the small of your back and not causing any lack of flexibility. The harness is soft and comfortable even without a wetsuit and feels well-padded throughout. There is a good amount of flexibility, however it doesn’t compromise on support with it remaining comfortable in all conditions. I remember my old ill-fitting soft shell harnesses from the early days, however the VEX is a great alternative to a hard-shell; it’s snug, doesn’t slide and is supportive as hell.

The Fat Bar works really well alongside the four tightening straps and the spreader stays in place and tight through-out your session. What’s awesome to see is the metal loops for attaching your leash to the spreader bar. With the new shorter leashes this is great, placing the final release in eyesight. For those handle-passing it’s a brilliant option allowing you to land on the board if you drop the bar on a pass (this also avoids the backwards suicide leash drag).


The 2019 VEX harness is a fantastic harness, it’s well built, very comfortable, low profiled, provides ample amounts of support and has a cracking spreader bar that doesn’t move and has plenty of leash attachment options. If you’re in the market for a new harness then pop the VEX on your list of harnesses to check out!

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