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Manera Senso 2015

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When Manera launched the Exo harness last year they caused quite a stir. It was the first time really detailed load analysis had been performed on a harness and it ended up with the R&D team developing the external load bearing area the Exo became famous for.

The idea is simple; spread the maximum amount of load across as wide a section of the harness as possible. Then instead of hiding that load-bearing frame within the harness, put it right on the outside so all of the padding then helps to disperse the load.  Along with a lot of other new developments the Exo added up to a great package and easily the most comfortable harness I have ever worn.

It came at a price though, the most expensive set up on the market seemed a little elitist to some and for 2015 Manera have addressed that. The new line up includes two harnesses, an updated Exo and the Senso that we have here. The Senso aims to address the cost concerns that some kiters had, whilst still maintaining some of the core principles of the Exo range.

First up, you get the Energy Dispersion Frame that was developed with the Human Kinetics Science Laboratory. This reduces the pressure points and ensures the Senso is as comfortable as it can possibly be.  This coupled with the “Cocoon Concept” which ensures all the load bearing parts are on the outside of the harness and the maximum amount of padding sits between you and those parts.

The Senso also features the pre-shaped fit of its sibling as well as the seamless neoprene area for comfort when wearing the harness against your skin. All in all, you get a lot of bang for your buck with the Senso, with only a few key details missing from the higher spec Exo. Considering the immense amount of comfort this makes the Senso a definite contender whilst the price isn’t outlandish.

Sadly you only get the one colour way with the Senso, but the silver and black styling is sure to appeal to a wide range of riders. Think of this then as one of the most comfortable harness on the market, without the hefty price tag. For sure, it is missing some features, but the essentials for a comfortable ride are all there and that is what is important!

This review was in Issue 51 of IKSURFMAG.

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