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Manera Eclipse 2018

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At A Glance

The Eclipse is a totally new harness from Manera, the company that changed the game of harness technology as we knew it years ago with the EXO. With the rise in rigid harnesses, many riders have been eagerly awaiting Manera’s entry into this sector. After spending years in development, the Eclipse is now available. Having tried lots of fully rigid harnesses and not enjoying sessions with them, the team settled on this semi-rigid shell.

Named the Adaptive Shell, it is designed to match your body shape, making the harness a natural fit for most riders. It is packed with their other tech, such as specific spreader bar sizing to eliminate the harness crushing as it is put under strain and also the tuck flaps that stop the hook from riding up as well as a comfortable gel foam interior.

On The Water

We’ve tested this harness extensively; it’s incredibly light, so much, so I use it as my go-to travelling harness. Weighing in at 1.5 kilos with the spreader bar, that’s considerably lighter than the other harnesses on the market. The Gel Foam on the inside is soft against your skin, and the harness is very comfortable to wear without a wetsuit.

The Adaptive Shell eliminates the issue with the more rigid shells out there, namely the fit. If you happen to fit a rigid shell perfectly, that’s great, but often riders complain about pressure points where they don’t quite fit. The Adaptive Shell can bend and mould to your back, so it should fit a wide range of riders. The tuck flaps do an excellent job of keeping the spreader bar in check, and overall we didn’t notice any uncomfortable moments with the Eclipse.

The new Sliding Hook is a welcome addition to the Manera range, we love the double rope, and it has withstood some serious abuse and is wearing very slowly, top marks there. It could have been improved with the addition of the Tuck Flaps we feel, to lock it in place a little more.


The Eclipse is light, comfortable and should fit a wide range of riders; if you want a minimalist harness that offers lots of support, the Eclipse is well worth a look.


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