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Manera Exo 2018

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At A Glance

The harness that changed them all is back for another outing featuring some new materials and features. The core of the harness is the Energy Dispersion Frame, this single unit takes the load from the spreader bar and spreads it evenly across the whole of the harness area. Manera worked with scientists at a university to develop this technology, and it is still industry leading even after all these years.

Moulded Thermofoam takes care of comfort on the inside with a seamless neoprene wrap to ensure an ultra soft connection to your skin. The Cocoon Concept shaping ensures the harness stays locked in place on your back. Lastly, the spreader bar is an essential part of the overall product. You have to have the right sized spreader bar for the harness.

A wider spreader bar stops the harness from crushing under load, this hugely reduces the amount of pressure you feel on your hips and ensures a comfortable ride all day long. The spreader bar also features Tuck Flaps and Downhold Straps. These lock the spreader bar in place to prevent it from riding up. The new Rope Slider spreader bar from Manera is also compatible with this harness.

Ballistic Nylon is used extensively throughout the exterior construction on the back of the harness to ensure it can stand up to any abuse you throw at it.

On The Water

I’ve long been a fan of this harness, and it never fails to disappoint. If you have never worn or tried one, then make sure you do. Without a doubt, it is one of the most comfortable harnesses on the market, and more importantly, unlike the rigid designs out there, it fits almost everyone. I’ve never heard a bad word about it on the beach or from anyone who has tried it, and that is a testament in itself.

The Energy Dispersion Frame couples with the spreader bar design to offer extreme levels of comfort. It’s the kind of harness you can ride all day long with no issues whatsoever. Even without a wetsuit, you’ll find it won’t rub or chafe, and you’ll be on the water for hours of smiles.

The Tuck Flaps and Downhold straps do an excellent job of keeping the spreader bar in place, and this harness doesn’t ride up or move about if you do it up properly. The added benefit of the safety leash system is a nice touch too. You can keep the leash locked between the D rings at the sides, or let it slide on the rope for a more freestyle set up. If you get into trouble, you can pull one of the pins on the side of the harness to ditch the kite totally.


There is a reason this harness has stood the test of time so well, and that is quite simply because it is brilliant. The updates Manera have made are all worthwhile, and the comfort and broad fit across a range of different body shapes make it compelling. If you haven’t worn it or tried it, and you are struggling to get a good fit from a rigid design, then this is where you should be looking.


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