Slingshot UFO V3 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot UFO V3 2024

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For kite foilers who demand a high level of performance and understand the importance of riding in a state of flow, the connection between body, mind, and equipment is paramount. They recognize that the best possible connection begins with the kite and extends to the lines, bar, board, and foil, all of which must work together seamlessly.

Introducing the UFO V3, a game-changer in the world of kite foiling. Its innovative zero-strut design revolutionizes the sport by offering unparalleled levels of drift, upwind reach, and response. The UFO V3's FlexLITE airframe, made from 140g/m2 high-tenacity polyester, further enhances its performance and durability while reducing its weight. The swept wingtips and intelligent Compact Swept C canopy shape make water relaunch effortless. To top it off, the new zipperless roll-top kite bag ensures convenience and packability without compromising weight.

At the core of the UFO V3's improved performance and reduced weight is FlexLITE technology, applied to the leading edge and struts of the airframe. FlexLITE features an open 1:1 thread orientation that allows the frame to flex and respond to the rider's input. This flexibility enables quicker and more responsive steering, while also generating more apparent wind through looping. Weighing in at only 140 grams per square meter, FlexLITE significantly optimizes drift and reduces drag.

The TrimFlight Bridles, with their 25% thinner lines, are instrumental in enhancing efficiency and responsiveness by minimizing drag. These bridle lines are not only lightweight but also strategically designed to complement the UFO V3's top-of-the-line performance characteristics, thanks to their geometry, length, and placement.

The UFO V3 boasts a proprietary Compact Swept C shape, featuring a lower aspect and compact arc that delivers exceptional steering, pivot, and drift. The swept wingtips, specifically designed for a zero-strut kite, guarantee effortless and reliable water relaunch. The Swept C shape ensures immediate and responsive power management, preventing over-foiling.

When it was first introduced in 2020, the UFO's Zero-Strut Airframe was a groundbreaking innovation that required extensive research and development to perfect. The result is a dramatic reduction in drag, enabling the UFO to fly in the lightest of winds and achieve unlimited drift, superior upwind angles, and intuitive responseā€”essential elements for optimal foiling performance.

The UFO V3 features the lightest canopy material ever used in Slingshot kites. The 2X2 Flyweight Canopy Tech incorporates reinforced ripstop nylon with a 2X2 weave, resulting in significant weight savings without compromising stiffness or durability. This canopy material ensures exceptional tear and stretch resistance.

With the Rider Customization System (RCS), the performance of the UFO can be fully tailored to individual preferences. The RCS allows riders to fine-tune the handling, power delivery, and overall performance of the kite by adjusting the bridle pigtails and flying lines on the Sentry Control Bar. This flexibility enables riders to optimize the UFO's turning speed, power levels, angle of attack, and bar pressure to match their riding style and the specific conditions of each session.

In summary, the UFO V3 sets a new standard for kite foiling with its zero-strut design, lightweight construction, and exceptional performance characteristics. It offers unmatched drift, upwind reach, and response, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking an unparalleled foiling experience.


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