Slingshot RPX V2 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot RPX V2 2024

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For enthusiasts or pros looking to advance in their freestyle journey, individuals can turn to the RPX V2. Whether one is perfecting their handle pass with world-class style and precision, this kite specifically caters to the need for consistent power, excellent pop, and slack to facilitate the thrilling experience of flight with no power for pure freestyle moves.

The RPX V2 incorporates a three-strut airframe constructed with the high-tenacity 160g/m2 FrameLITE material. Its classic Open C canopy shape is strategically designed to maximize the response and pop required for freestyle tricks. To enhance the personalized performance, the FlyLine Bridle and Rider Customization System work in conjunction to fine-tune the kite's handling and power delivery according to each rider's preferences.

The high-tenacity polyester utilized throughout the RPX V2's airframe exhibits biaxial gridding and extensive emulsion coating to eliminate stretch in all directions, resulting in superior response and handling under any conditions. The unique weave structure of the FrameLITE material significantly reduces airframe elongation, improving durability for multiple seasons. Weighing in at 160 grams per square meter, FrameLITE ensures optimal balance between flexibility, strength, stiffness, and weight.

Take full control over the RPX's performance with the Rider Customization System. This feature allows riders to adjust the flying and power lines incrementally, enabling fine-tuning of the kite's turning speed, power level, angle of attack, and bar pressure to match their riding style and session conditions.

The FlyLine Bridle, originally introduced in the RPM, has been further enhanced for the RPX. Through the use of premium materials, the bridle line thickness has been reduced by 25%, resulting in decreased drag and improved efficiency during flight.

The patented Slingshot invention boasts increased tube diameters for smoother airflow, while the repositioned tubes enhance durability and streamline the overall design.

The RPX V2's C-shaped arc provides lively response and direct handling, while also delivering perfectly timed slack for freestyle maneuvers. With squared-off wingtips and a low-aspect shape, the RPX excels in turning speed and looping capabilities.

The 4X4 Canopy Tech, the strongest and most durable canopy material, employs reinforced ripstop nylon with a 4X4 weave. This innovative technology ensures unrivaled tear resistance, minimal stretch, and long-lasting durability season after season.

The Three-Strut Airframe of the RPX is fully optimized for freestyle performance. Striking a harmonious balance between weight and stability, this airframe is built to withstand the demands of slack-and-pop riding while maintaining the integrity of the Open C shape.

In summary, the RPX V2 is a specialized kite designed for enthusiasts or professionals aiming to progress in their freestyle endeavors. Its advanced features, such as the FrameLITE airframe, Rider Customization System, and FlyLine Bridle, provide unparalleled performance and personalization options. With its C-shaped arc, squared-off wingtips, and low-aspect shape, the RPX offers energetic response, impeccable handling, and superb turning speed. The durable 4X4 Canopy Tech material and Three-Strut Airframe ensure longevity and stability even during intense freestyle sessions.


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