F-ONE Kiteboarding Trax HRD Carbon 2024 Kitesurfing Review

F-ONE Kiteboarding Trax HRD Carbon 2024

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The F-ONE TRAX is a highly sought-after Twin-Tip in the market, renowned for its versatility, speed, comfort, and glide. The TRAX HRD CARBON, with its exclusive HRD rail and carbon version, offers exceptional control at high speeds and superior performance.

The Helical Rail Design (HRD) is a crucial component of this board's outstanding capabilities. It is a unique 3D shaping process that creates three distinct sections along the rail. The central section features a thin rail for improved grip and upwind abilities. The inverted and curved rail under the feet allows the board to effortlessly navigate through choppy waters and enhances carving. As the rail reaches the tips, it thins out again, providing excellent grip and bite for impressive pop.

On the water, the TRAX HRD CARBON delivers a thrilling sense of speed and performance. The HRD rail eliminates spray and ensures a comfortable ride regardless of the water conditions.

The TRAX HRD CARBON benefits from a biaxial carbon full layer, which reduces weight, enhances strength, offers a stiffer ride, and provides a powerful flex response. Its lightweight nature makes it incredibly responsive and a dream to maneuver in the air.

The board's flex is carefully tuned with carbon fibers to deliver exceptional pop, and the tips are highly responsive, aiding in edge loading for take-off. The wide outline and channeled base provide smooth landings and consistent control.

The concave step design, combining a classic single concave with a full-length channel, gives the TRAX CARBON a locked-in yet smooth ride and allows for rapid planing and strong upwind potential.

This board is an excellent choice for all skill levels, from beginners to experts, thanks to its edge control, early planing, chop-friendly handling, and stiff ride with explosive pop. It shines particularly among freestyle-oriented riders seeking bigger airs and longer sessions.

From flat water to rough chop, the TRAX HRD CARBON handles all conditions with exceptional performance, providing a unique and confidence-inspiring ride.

The TRAX HRD CARBON is available in four sizes, fitted with four UNIBOX 50mm fins, enhancing speed and glide due to their thinner profile.

The revolutionary Helical Rail Design (HRD) sets new standards in Twin-Tip riding, delivering unrivaled precision, advanced directional stability, extraordinary grip, and ultimate comfort.

The HRD Rail introduces new levels of performance and the sensation of floating above the water. Its 16mm thickness significantly enhances the strength, stiffness, and torsional rigidity of the board.

Towards the tip, the rail returns to its original shape for optimal grip during take-off and exceptional pop.

In the feet area, the inverted and thick rail profile creates two support zones that eliminate bouncing effects. It generates impressive vertical lift, enabling early planing and remarkable drive. Landing jumps and executing tricks becomes effortless. The sharpened top edge reduces water spray towards the eyes and legs as well.

The central part of the rail is thin and sharp, enhancing edging, jump potential at any time, providing exceptional grip and incredible pop.

The combination of a bottom concave and a channel tightens the central part, facilitating instantaneous planing with strong upwind capabilities. The concave absorbs chop and enhances water grip, while the channel improves water flow, reducing pressure on the back foot and delivering unparalleled comfort.

The wood core forms the foundation of the board, contributing to its mechanical properties such as strength, flex, and resilience.

By optimizing the wood thickness distribution, the perfect balance is achieved between strength, stiffness, and weight, ensuring maximum performance and comfort.

Board flex is finely tuned through both materials and shape. The deck shape is specifically engineered to maximize responsiveness, providing maximum drive and precision between the rider's legs. The flex gradually increases towards the tips, guaranteeing maximum pop and comfort.

The patented UNIBOX system, combined with RESPONSE fins, produces remarkable results, improving the overall ride and early planing. The flex of the RESPONSE fins delivers exceptional rail-grip, pop, and forgiveness during demanding freestyle landings.

In summary, the F-ONE TRAX is an iconic Twin-Tip in the market, praised for its speed, comfort, and glide. The TRAX HRD CARBON version with its exclusive Helical Rail Design (HRD) offers unmatched control and performance. The board excels in various water conditions, with a biaxial carbon layer enhancing lightness, strength, and flex response. Its precise shaping, concave design, and innovative rail technology deliver an exceptional ride and unmatched pop. The TRAX HRD CARBON is an excellent choice


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