F-ONE Kiteboarding Shadow 2024 Kitesurfing Review

F-ONE Kiteboarding Shadow 2024

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The SHADOW has the ability to handle any wave that comes its way. With an enhanced shape and outline, they have created a surfboard that brings a pure and authentic surfing experience to the rider.

The new shape and outline of the SHADOW provide the perfect mix of speed and control. Building upon the qualities of the previous board, they have made the new edition even faster and more maneuverable.

The shape of the board, including its round pintail, offers excellent glide and unparalleled maneuverability. The camel deck and moderate volume provide confidence in every turn and rail-to-rail transfers, giving the rider the perfect amount of control.

This year, the SHADOW features a deeper concave on the bottom between the front and back feet, increasing its speed and planning potential. This allows the board to carry more speed, making it easier to catch waves and go upwind. The new SHADOW is more versatile in a variety of wave conditions and surprises riders with its acceleration potential in turns.

The tail of the board has been slightly widened, straightening the outline and increasing stability for a smoother ride and better low-end performance in lighter winds. The rails have also been sharpened and thinned toward the tail, improving control and providing crisp turns.

The new SHADOW is perfectly balanced, comfortable, and excels at high speeds. Whether making long carves or snappy turns, this board handles it all with ease. Changing feet, turning, and jibing are effortless, and the board feels lively underfoot, providing feedback for big and powerful turns. The high reactivity of the SHADOW shines on big, clean, and powerful waves, showcasing its speed potential and carving abilities.

Constructed using the HD Foam Flex Composite technology, the SHADOW offers optimized flex for maximum reliability, comfort, and maneuverability. This construction provides a lighter weight and a classic surfboard feel. Shock absorbers placed under the pad increase durability and absorb impacts for the rider's comfort.

The SHADOW is available in three sizes - 5'4, 5'6, and 5'8 - and comes with a full pad and foot strap inserts. The 5'4 board is equipped with F-ONE Flow Carbon XS fins, while the 5'6 and 5'8 come with a set of F-ONE Flow Carbon M fins.

Designed for high-speed performance surfing, the SHADOW is agile, reactive, fast, and precise on any wave, allowing riders to charge like never before.

To meet the demands of riders on their kite surfboards, F-ONE has developed a new foam composite construction with optimized flex for reliability, comfort, and maneuverability. This construction provides a lighter weight and a surfboard feel.

The deck of the board has been recessed by 5mm under the front foot, adding an EVA shock absorbing foam layer. This layer absorbs impacts and enhances the durability of the board.

The RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) Technology used in the construction of the fins or stabs ensures accurate composite parts. This process injects resin into a closed mold with the dry fiber in place, resulting in great shape accuracy. Additionally, the epoxy resin used strengthens and enhances the responsiveness of the fins or stabs, providing a sharper feel on the water.

In summary, the new SHADOW surfboard by F-ONE combines speed and control with its enhanced shape and outline. It offers a pure and authentic surfboard experience, delivering confidence, maneuverability, and speed on any wave. Built with the HD Foam Flex Composite technology and featuring shock absorbers for durability and comfort, the SHADOW is designed for high-speed performance surfing. With its agility, reactivity, and ability to handle big waves, the SHADOW allows riders to charge like never before.


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