F-ONE Kiteboarding Slice Bamboo 2024 Kitesurfing Review

F-ONE Kiteboarding Slice Bamboo 2024

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The SLICE BAMBOO is a compact surfboard that stands out in their lineup. It features a bamboo sandwich construction, making it suitable for both strapless freestyle and small to medium-sized wave surfing.

In terms of strapless freestyle, the SLICE BAMBOO's compact format, thin rails, pronounced rocker kick, and profound channel on the bottom offer excellent performance. It provides a powerful pop, easy maneuverability in the air, and soft and stable landings.

The board's fairly parallel outline enables it to plane with ease and exhibit remarkable upwind abilities. The straighter rails and flatter rocker contribute to easier accelerations and faster, more efficient movement through the water, even in mild waves.

The thin rails also provide great control and smooth edging through choppy conditions. When it comes to surfing, the SLICE BAMBOO is predictable, fun, and incredibly accessible. Its compact shape ensures easy turning in smaller waves.

The transition from rail to tail is seamless, facilitating effortless shifts from edging to carving and leading to easier turn initiations. Additionally, the rounded nose and the bottom's single channel with a double concave help maintain buoyancy during strapless tricks and enhance handling and comfort in waves.

The SLICE BAMBOO boasts an efficient and reliable bamboo construction that leverages the natural properties of bamboo veneers. It features a full bamboo layer on the bottom and two on the deck for extra reinforcement and durability.

This board is available in three sizes: 5'1, 5'3, and 5'5. It comes equipped with a tail pad, foot strap inserts, and a fin set of Futures F4 437 Thruster. Adding a middle and front pad is also an option.

The SLICE BAMBOO is accessible, versatile, and lively in the water. It is ideal for beginners in directional surfing, those seeking stability during transitions, and riders looking to combine wave riding and aerial tricks.

This surfboard particularly excels in small and medium-sized waves, as well as onshore conditions where the waves are not too powerful.

The use of bamboo fibers in its construction provides high resistance and lightweight. The Full Bamboo construction utilizes the natural properties of bamboo veneers sandwiched between layers of glass fibers, resulting in a strong, durable, and lightweight shell for the entire board.

An additional layer of bamboo, known as Double Bamboo Deck, is present in the stance area to enhance resistance against local heel pressures and dings. This ensures the board remains light, strong, and responsive for countless enjoyable sessions.

In summary, the SLICE BAMBOO is a compact surfboard suitable for both strapless freestyle and small to medium-sized wave surfing. Its design features, such as the thin rails, pronounced rocker kick, and profound channel, make it perfect for strapless freestyle. The parallel outline allows for ease of planing and impressive upwind capabilities. The SLICE BAMBOO offers great control, smooth edging, and easy turning, making it incredibly accessible. Its bamboo construction provides durability and lightness, while the additional bamboo layer ensures resistance and responsiveness. This versatile surfboard is suitable for beginners, stability-seekers, and those looking to combine wave smashing and aerial tricks in small to medium-sized waves.


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