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SLS, which stands for Strong Light Superior, represents the gear that empowers individuals to push their limits and strive for peak performance without compromise. The Volt SLS is a new addition for 2024, specifically designed for small waves and light winds, aimed at getting people out on the water and having fun as quickly as possible. This board is part of the Concept Blue range, which marks a significant step towards sustainability for Duotone.

Manufactured in Italy, the Volt SLS is the first surfboard in the Concept Blue lineup. The primary objective during its creation was to minimize the board's impact on the planet and the oceans we enjoy. To achieve this, traditional materials were replaced with a Zero Impact Core, Bio Resin, Cork Stringers, and Basalt Fibre. Basalt, a natural and abundant material derived from volcanic rock, serves as a substitute for glass and carbon. Despite its eco-friendly composition, Basalt offers similar strength and responsiveness, providing a lively and satisfying ride. Protecting the Zero Impact Core is the durable Innegra Shield, ensuring the board's longevity. Additionally, the Volt SLS features the Cork Shock Absorber 2.0 for added performance.

When on the water, the Volt SLS showcases a fast rocker line, ideal for catching winds in lighter conditions and delivering speed and drive on the wave. Its rail design allows for tight vertical snaps and excellent grip during more extended bottom turns. Perfect for small waves, the board guarantees an enjoyable experience even when conditions aren't optimal. This surfboard is merely the beginning of Duotone's commitment to eco-friendly surfboards within the Concept Blue category.

Basalt fibre, sourced from volcanic rock, offers a sustainable and low-impact alternative to carbon and glass fibre. It possesses similar mechanical properties, contributing to the board's performance while minimizing harm to the environment. The second significant feature of Concept Blue is the Zero Impact Core, which integrates recycled Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), reducing its ecological footprint.

Crafted to maximize the enjoyment of smaller waves, the Volt SLS maintains speed and power even with limited kite power. Its fast rocker line allows for the use of smaller kites and easier navigation through light winds. The board's rails offer exceptional grip, enabling seamless vertical turns on the wave face. Furthermore, the Innegra Shield fully wraps around the board, ensuring unparalleled protection against everyday bumps and scrapes, preserving its fresh appearance.

Each board comes equipped with Futures Fins compatible fin boxes. With two side set screws and no rear tab, these fin boxes allow for a perfect and tight fit, accommodating various high-quality composite fins or any aftermarket Futures brand fin. Installation and removal are hassle-free, even in sandy and salty conditions. Inserts are included in the delivery, allowing for the mounting of straps. Cork, with its exceptional absorption properties and lack of visible dents, replaces PVC, serving as a damper in the surfboard's heel area.

The addition of Grab Rails enhances the board's durability and offers more comfort during freestyle tricks and general riding. The optimized layering and mix of composite materials result in powerful, agile, and versatile directionals with a unique and responsive flex. Duotone's commitment to sustainability and performance is evident in the Volt SLS, providing a revolutionary surfboard experience.

Summary: The Volt SLS surfboard from Duotone's Concept Blue range is a game-changer for those seeking peak performance and sustainability. Designed for small waves and light winds, this Italian-made board features eco-friendly materials like Basalt Fibre, Zero Impact Core, Bio Resin, and Cork Stringers. The Basalt Fibre offers strength and responsiveness comparable to carbon, while the Zero Impact Core incorporates recycled EPS for reduced environmental impact. The Volt SLS's fast rocker line, excellent grip, and durable Innegra Shield make it a versatile, high-performance board that contributes to a cleaner and more enjoyable surfing experience.


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