DUOTONE Evo Concept Blue 2024 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Evo Concept Blue 2024

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Concept Blue products are their next step towards a better future and an additional element in their Save Our Playgrounds campaign. The most versatile kite in their range receives an environment-conscious makeover with the introduction of the all-new Evo Concept Blue. This kite promises excellent performance across various disciplines in a sustainable package.

The Evo Concept Blue is a highly sought-after kite known for its exceptional performance and versatility across a wide range of activities. Featuring a new eco-friendly undyed construction, this three-strut kite is meticulously designed to deliver outstanding high-performance capabilities under any conditions. It caters to riders who enjoy freeriding, big air jumps, hooked freestyle tricks, and wave riding, making it suitable for both seasoned professionals and beginners. The kite's design allows for impressive hangtime during jumps, offering a thrilling experience for riders looking to push their limits.

Moreover, the Evo Concept Blue boasts an environmentally conscious construction, incorporating undyed fabrics that reduce water and chemical usage in production, a bio-based bladder, and components made from recycled plastics. This commitment to sustainability underscores their dedication to preserving the environment while providing top-notch kiteboarding equipment.

In addition, the Evo Concept Blue is designed for accessibility and high-performance, catering to various riding styles such as big air jumps, freeride, hooked freestyle, and wave riding. The kite's features, including a pulley-less bridle system for increased responsiveness, allow riders to customize the kite to suit their preferences and enhance their overall kiteboarding experience.

In summary, the Evo Concept Blue not only elevates kiteboarding adventures but also promotes environmental sustainability through its innovative design and eco-friendly materials. Riders can enjoy the thrill of high-performance kiteboarding while contributing to the preservation of the planet.


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