DUOTONE Neo Concept Blue 2024 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Neo Concept Blue 2024

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The products under the Concept Blue label represent the next step towards a sustainable future and form an integral part of the Save Our Playgrounds campaign. The Neo kite receives a sustainable upgrade for 2024 as Concept Blue introduces a more environmentally conscious approach, maintaining the expected performance levels while incorporating eco-friendly materials.

Synonymous with excellence in wave-riding, the Neo Concept Blue for 2024 showcases an enhanced wingtip design and construction to enhance handling on waves and during strapless tricks. The kite integrates the innovative Concept Blue technology, employing undyed fabrics, a bio-based bladder, and recycled plastic parts to reduce environmental impact and emphasize the brand's dedication to sustainability.

Furthermore, the Neo Concept Blue boasts increased Trinity TX presence in the wingtip area, reducing weight without compromising durability for exceptional drifting capabilities ideal for riding down the line. Adjustments in the kite's profile offer enhanced low-end power, precise wingtip loading, and responsive steering, making it a top choice for wave-riding enthusiasts seeking lightning-fast turns and unmatched drift capabilities.

The Neo Concept Blue's versatility shines through customizable settings on the tips, allowing users to tailor the kite's performance to match varying conditions. Whether engaging in strapless freestyle or conquering the waves, the Neo Concept Blue delivers high performance across the wind range, maximizing power delivery and extending time on the water with generous depower options.

In summary, the Neo Concept Blue for 2024 stands out as a pioneering wave kite, setting new standards in performance and sustainability simultaneously. Join the ranks of riders experiencing the exceptional drifting abilities and dynamic performance offered by this eco-conscious kite, making a conscious choice for both the environment and your enjoyment on the water.

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