DUOTONE Rebel SLS 2024 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Rebel SLS 2024

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The SLS gear, which stands for Strong Light Superior, offers users the opportunity to push their limits and strive for peak performance without compromising on quality. The recently released 2024 edition of the Rebel SLS is an upgraded version that brings forth incredible performance in a user-friendly package. With its improved low-end range and the same reliable Rebel sheet-and-go feeling, it is the ultimate tool for freeriding and big air adventures.

The redesigned Rebel SLS for 2024 is a true icon that continues to redefine the riding experience for a new generation of riders. The focus of the design team this year was on enhancing the wing tips to enhance handling and turning speed. The canopy tension was also optimized to improve gust handling and maintain the kite's shape in different wind strengths. The combination of Penta TX and Trinity TX materials creates a rigid kite that remains stable even in challenging gusty conditions, ensuring consistent and smooth power delivery. The addition of Flex Struts allows for intuitive handling and dynamic steering. The Rebel SLS offers impressive power combined with unparalleled control. Its quick depower allows users to navigate strong conditions with confidence and achieve extraordinary heights during big air jumps. The kite's explosive take-off and vertical boost propel riders to new levels, while the extended hangtime creates a floating sensation in the air, resulting in longer flight times with each jump. Even in light winds, the Rebel SLS remains highly capable, delivering ample low-end power through quick upstrokes, thanks to its lighter weight. This reduced weight also enhances drift, allowing users to swing under the kite during landings and recover easily. The Rebel SLS is the perfect choice for freeride enthusiasts and those seeking massive jumps with extended hangtimes.

The Rebel SLS is renowned for being the easiest kite in the range to achieve impressive height. Simply redirect and hold the edge, and you will experience massive lift every time. For the 2024 release, improvements have been made to enhance the kite's vertical boost, turning it into a jumping machine. Total control is at your fingertips, as simply sheeting out on the bar results in the kite spilling power faster compared to other kites in the range. The Rebel has also been redesigned to be more responsive, allowing users to fly the kite around the window with precision and power. In gusty conditions, the kite quickly reaches the edge of the window, enabling you to dump power as needed.

The SLS construction plays a crucial role in reducing the kite's weight and improving its overall performance by increasing the frame's rigidity. Materials such as Penta TX and Trinity TX contribute to the kite's lightness and durability. The Rebel SLS also offers excellent drift, allowing users to catch the kite after big jumps and enjoy extended hangtime even in light winds, facilitating ease of executing various tricks.

In summary, the new Rebel SLS for 2024 is a game-changer that focuses on providing incredible performance and ease of use. With its improved low-end range and enhanced handling, it is the ideal gear for freeriding and big air adventures. The combination of Penta TX and Trinity TX materials ensures a rigid and stable kite, delivering consistent power even in challenging conditions. The Rebel SLS offers unparalleled control, instant depower, explosive take-off, and extended hangtime, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking impressive jumps and long flights. With its lightweight SLS construction and excellent drift, this kite provides an exceptional riding experience.


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