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DUOTONE Juice 2024

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In the realm of kiteboarding, the Juice by Duotone Kiteboarding reigns as the ultimate light wind companion for enthusiasts seeking to maximize their time on the water, regardless of less-than-ideal wind conditions. The Juice stands out as a pinnacle of performance and design, crafted through years of intense research and development fueled by the innovative Flex Struts technology.

Featuring a delta shape that ensures effortless water relaunch and extended time on the waves, the Juice delivers a spectacular blend of power and control. Riders can harness the impressive power of the Juice with ease, thanks to its steady and manageable bar pressure, akin to a gas pedal at their fingertips. The Flex Struts play a pivotal role in the Juice's exceptional agility and responsiveness, turning the kite into a Formula 1 car amidst a sea of trucks. Every detail of the Juice's construction has been refined to reduce weight without compromising strength, resulting in a kite that effortlessly cuts through the air.

Whether you're a free rider, foil enthusiast, or a trick-performing twin tip rider, the Juice adapts to various styles and preferences with its array of tuning options. Its wide wind range allows for smooth transitions between different wind conditions, promising exhilarating speed, power, and substantial hangtime for those seeking big air potential. Moreover, the Anti Snag webbing ensures tangle-free lines and safer water starts, enhancing the overall experience.

Designed to withstand the test of time, the Juice is crafted from TRINITY TX, a proprietary 3x2 canopy material exclusive to Duotone Kiteboarding. This advanced material, developed in collaboration with Teijin, offers unparalleled durability and dynamic performance, surpassing other canopy fabrics in the industry. The Juice's construction further features kook-proof line connection points, allowing for error-free rigging and safer kite setups.

In summary, the Juice by Duotone Kiteboarding stands as the quintessential light wind queen, delivering unmatched performance and control in conditions that would deter many riders. With its innovative design, exceptional power, and ease of use, the Juice guarantees an exhilarating kiteboarding experience for riders of all levels, ensuring maximum fun and excitement on the waves.


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