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Introducing the Neo, a kite that sets new standards in wave-riding performance for 2024. With its updated wing tips and profile shape, this kite offers enhanced wind range and even more dynamic handling.

The Neo has been a leader in wave riding right from the start. Designed for versatility and solid performance, the 2024 Neo features an improved wingtip shape and construction. These updates enhance the kite's turning characteristics and handling, resulting in a more dynamic experience. The new construction utilizes more Trinity TX in the wingtip area, reducing weight without compromising durability. The overall profile of the kite has also been updated, with a slightly deeper center profile and moderately deeper profile towards the tips. These adjustments increase the kite's low-end power, load the wingtips for precise handling, and make steering incredibly responsive. It's no wonder the Neo has become one of the most popular wave kites on the market, with lightning speed turns and incredible drift.

Versatility is a key feature of the Neo, with multiple settings on the tips that allow riders to fine-tune the kite's performance according to the day's conditions. Whether you're enjoying a flatwater strapless freestyle session or riding waves, the Neo can be adjusted for maximum pop and powerful loops or optimized for exceptional drift and rapid turning speed.

Another outstanding feature of the Neo is its remarkable power delivery across the entire wind range. With abundant low-end power, riders can use a smaller, more dynamic size for enhanced performance. At the same time, the Neo offers an extensive upper range with generous depower, allowing riders to stay on the water longer when conditions change.

The 2024 Neo comes with numerous updates and upgrades, making it hard to beat. This class-leading wave kite pushes boundaries once more, and all riders have to do is be along for the ride.

In addition to the Neo, Duotone Kiteboarding offers a range of kites with exceptional features. The kites feature durable leading edges with heavy-duty closing seams, reinforced Dacron material, and double-stitched self-sticky Insignia Tape. The pigtails distribute load and minimize the risk of fatigue while steering smoothly. Kook-proof line connection points prevent accidents during rigging.

Load-Distribution-Panels spread forces and ensure consistent performance, while a narrower trailing edge and lighter materials reduce wear and create a sleek kite profile. The construction of the kites allows for controlled distribution of forces between struts and leading edge, promoting higher canopy tension and a clean profile. Anti-snag webbing prevents line tangling, enhancing waterstarts and safety.

Duotone Kiteboarding's exclusive TRINITY TX canopy material, made in collaboration with Teijin, is known for its durability and dynamic performance. The 3x2 yarn combination used in TRINITY TX proves to be superior to other canopy materials in terms of both performance and durability.

With its impeccable design and innovative features, the Neo is a kite that stands the test of time. Experience the thrill of wave riding with the 2024 Neo by Duotone Kiteboarding.

The 2024 Neo by Duotone Kiteboarding raises the bar for wave-riding performance. With updated wing tips and a new profile shape, this versatile kite offers improved wind range and dynamic handling. The Neo's enhanced turning characteristics and construction make it a popular choice among riders. It excels in riding waves with lightning-fast turns and incredible drift. The Neo can be adjusted for maximum pop and loops or optimized for exceptional drift and turning speed. Its remarkable power delivery across the wind range and durable construction make it a top choice for riders. With a range of other exceptional features, such as durable leading edges, load-distribution panels, and exclusive canopy material, the Neo is designed to stand the test of time.

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