DUOTONE Evo SLS Pink Pig Limited Edition 2024 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Evo SLS Pink Pig Limited Edition 2024

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Back in 1971, Porsche achieved the remarkable feat of making pigs go fast. Fast forward to today, and they have gone even further by making pigs fly! The Porsche 917/20, also known as the "Pink Pig," "Big Berta," or "Truffle Hunter," holds a special place in Porsche history.

To pay tribute to this legendary car, Porsche has partnered with Duotone to launch a second exceptional design edition. With both brands placing a strong emphasis on performance and speed, it's a perfect match to draw inspiration from one of Porsche Motorsport's most iconic designs. Duotone Design Director Florian Panther, in collaboration with the Porsche Design team, has brought this exceptional design back to life and adapted it to the 2024 Evo SLS. Who ever said pigs can't fly!?

The Evo SLS is the ultimate kite for performance across various disciplines. It is built using the SLS construction and materials, including the lightweight and durable Penta TX and Trinity TX. These materials reduce the kite's weight by up to 15% compared to regular models while maintaining excellent durability. The construction also enhances the kite's stiffness, resulting in improved flying characteristics in all areas. This translates to more pop, better take-offs, and extended hangtime. The new Flex Struts allow for faster and tighter turns, adding incredible dynamic handling to the kite. The pulley-less bridle system requires less maintenance and provides better handling, especially during kite loops. With the Evo SLS, you have total control at every stage and can fully unleash your tricks, as the kite becomes an extension of your body.

The Evo SLS is a versatile kite suitable for various riding styles, including big air, freeride, hooked freestyle, and wave riding. It offers incredible take-off speeds, lift, and floaty hangtime, thanks to its rigid frame and direct and dynamic steering. The new Flex Strut design significantly improves the low-end range, allowing for faster and more responsive turns. The SLS construction reduces overall weight and, combined with high-performance materials like Penta TX and Trinity TX, ensures durability without compromising performance. The pulley-less bridle system provides a more dynamic and direct feel, enhancing the kite's responsiveness and longevity even in harsh conditions. With customizable tuning options, you can adjust the kite to fit your riding style and preferences.

In summary, the Evo SLS is a revolutionary kite that combines performance, durability, and versatility. It pays homage to the iconic Porsche 917/20 design and delivers an extraordinary experience on the water. Whether you're seeking big air, freeriding, hooked freestyle, or wave riding, the Evo SLS will surpass your expectations and bring your kiting dreams to life. Choose the Evo SLS and soar to new heights in style!


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