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SLS, which stands for Strong Light Superior, offers gear that empowers riders to push their limits and achieve peak performance without compromising. The Dice SLS kite is the epitome of versatility for experienced riders, regardless of their style. Whether you're pushing the boundaries of freestyle maneuvers, boosting massive airs, executing adrenaline-fueled kite loops, or tackling challenging waves, this kite delivers the performance needed to take your skills to the next level.

The new Dice SLS offers improved performance and a more refined feel across the range. The kite's radius arc has been optimized for better flying characteristics, and the range now includes 5m and 6m options, perfect for lighter riders, loops, and wave riding in high winds. This kite is designed for riders who want to maximize every session, providing unparalleled performance in various disciplines.

The SLS construction significantly reduces the overall weight of the kite, while also providing a stiffer airframe that enhances precise handling. Jumping capabilities have been improved, delivering powerful lift during take-off and offering massive hangtime. The kite offers a remarkable bar feeling and impressive turning speed, ensuring riders have ample feedback and maintain total control throughout their ride.

When it comes to kite loops, the Dice SLS delivers plenty of power that can be easily controlled at the bar, allowing for both huge mega loops and smaller, faster ones. The reduced weight of the kite also enhances its unhooked capabilities, allowing it to remain suspended in the air for extended periods, giving riders more time to perform freestyle tricks. In the waves, the Dice SLS exhibits improved responsiveness, making it effortless to navigate through challenging sections and conquer even the largest waves. Its exceptional versatility makes it a fantastic one-kite quiver, maximizing the potential of every session.

In summary, the Dice SLS kite offers incredible jumping performance, powerful loops, and excellent overall control. With its SLS construction, it combines durability with reduced weight for a sportier, more precise feel. The kite's design, materials, and features, such as the kook proof line connection points and heavy-duty leading edge closing seam, ensure safety, durability, and optimized performance. TRINITY TX, the canopy material exclusive to Duotone Kiteboarding, adds to the kite's durability and dynamic performance. Experience the ultimate kiteboarding experience with the Dice SLS.


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