DUOTONE Evo 2024 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Evo 2024

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The Evo is a top-tier kite suitable for riders who seek versatility in their kiteboarding activities. Whether they enjoy boosting high during jumps, relish freeride sessions, excel in hooked freestyle tricks, or navigate through waves, the Evo caters to all these pursuits. Boasting exceptional performance and effortless flying characteristics, the Evo acts as a swift path to enhancing one's riding skills.

The Evo stands out as a highly sought-after model known for its outstanding features and abilities. Crafted with three struts, this adaptable kite is expertly designed to deliver high performance effortlessly across various disciplines. Ideal for riders who appreciate the excitement of freeriding, soaring to great heights, executing hooked freestyle tricks, and indulging in wave riding, the Evo embodies versatility for both experienced professionals and beginners entering the sport.

When it comes to launching into the air, the Evo's boost is unmatched, providing a floaty hangtime that allows for daring kite loops limited only by the rider's bravery. Offering a wide range of loop sizes from nimble tight loops to massive mega loops, the Evo displays a versatile repertoire. Additionally, the kite offers multiple tuning options on the tips, enabling riders to customize it to match their unique riding style. Constructed with Trinity TX and Dacron materials, the Evo combines lightweight properties with exceptional durability, ensuring longevity and reliability for all riders.

The Evo's ease of flight and high performance make it a valuable asset for riders looking to enhance their skills and elevate their kiteboarding experiences. With its user-friendly design and impressive performance attributes, the Evo is a kite that facilitates skill improvement and propels riders to new heights in their kiteboarding pursuits. The Evo serves as a reliable companion that evolves with riders throughout their kiteboarding journey, offering a remarkable combination of power, control, and ease of use across various riding styles and conditions.


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