CORE Kiteboarding 720 III 2024 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding 720 III 2024

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With the 720 III, they are sending their bestseller into the next round – freshly equipped with significant improvements in terms of weight and shape details. Through many iterative adjustments, they were able to build the board even thinner and thus lighter and decisively approach a flat deck. It is definitely one of the most advanced freestyle surfboards on the market.

In addition to its compact shape, it has a much lower mass compared to their other surfboard models, a big plus for air tricks and rotations. This compact shape also cuts a fine figure in the wave.

At the bottom, the 720 features a distinctive channel, a double concave, and framed by two more concaves. This combination ensures butter smooth landings and effortlessly compensates for violent choppy conditions.

The flat rocker curve in combination with the underbody gives the board a very controllable edging behavior, before the jump, as well as in the bottom turn.

The 720 has received grab-rails for easier freestyle tricks. They are designed so that the thumb and heel of the hand find perfect grip in the rail when grabbing quickly.

They slightly increased the nose rocker for toeside riding, bad landings, and bigger waves.

Developed in Fehmarn and produced by experienced shapers in Spain, the 720 is handcrafted to guarantee one hundred percent dimensional precision and the specific glass board performance that 720 fans expect.

The lightweight EPS core is a densely foamed core material with high damping and deformation properties, which give the board a slightly softer characteristic. Thanks to the T10 PET sandwich, the board can also withstand heavy landings and does not show any damage signs after the session.

To achieve a relaxed character with distinct revving and a gentle takeoff from rolling kickers, the 720 is equipped with a traditional thruster setup.

The FCS-II system allows the fins to be changed within a few seconds – without the need for tools. Of course, older generations of FCS fins can also be mounted with a grub screw.

Making high-performance products more sustainable is a good thing. Their feel-good board incorporates sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles and bio-resins to reduce its carbon footprint.

Customers can equip the 720 with their own FCS fins or choose from the four sets they recommend, which differ in terms of construction and performance. Learn more about them on the accessory page.

Protecting the surfboard at home and on the go is important. They offer a board bag featuring a timeless design, available in different sizes, made of the best materials, and finished in the highest quality.

The 720 comes with a Rear Traction Pad. If board wax is not preferred, they recommend covering it with the matching CORE Front Pad.

The leash features CORE’s signature yellow, ensuring high visibility from all angles, especially underwater when sorting is necessary. The TPU is made of extremely high quality, which is why they were able to reduce the diameter and, in turn, minimize resistance.

The 720 comes standard with a Tail Traction Pad, leash plug, and FCS II fin boxes. (Note: There are no strap inserts installed)

Summary: The 720 III is a high-performance freestyle surfboard with significant improvements in weight and shape details. Its compact shape, lower mass, and specialized features make it one of the most advanced boards on the market. It offers butter smooth landings, controllable edging behavior, grab-rails for tricks, and sustainable materials. Customers can customize their fins and protect their board with a quality bag. The 720 also includes traction pads, leash plug, and FCS II fin boxes.


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