CORE Kiteboarding Green Room 3 2024 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding Green Room 3 2024

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The Green Room 3 is a performance surfboard in the CORE range, designed for experienced wave kiters seeking high speed and maximum control in medium to large waves. It excels in down-the-line rides, swiftly returning to the peak due to its impressive gliding properties.

To enhance durability and stiffness, the EPS composite sandwich construction now features a lighter T10 PET top deck. With its excellent strength and impact resistance, the board is well-equipped to handle rough conditions.

Despite its small volume and narrow outline, the Green Room offers a pleasant riding experience. It boasts exceptional control with its long edge, remarkable gliding ability, and vertical running properties. Even though it is narrow, it effortlessly slices through choppy water. Additionally, it enables quick bottom turns and provides impressive grip for radical maneuvers in big waves.

The tucked under rails in the middle section contribute to the harmonious and dynamic riding experience of the Green Room. Similar to the Ripper, this surfboard possesses a three-stage progressive rocker with a flat middle section and high bending at the nose and tail. This design allows riders to navigate even the steepest drop-ins with ease.

The bottom of the Green Room starts with a flat nose that transitions into a deeper single concave, and then a slight double concave that tapers out towards the tail. This bottom shape is ideal for achieving tight, controlled turns in large waves.

Crafted with expertise from shapers in Spain and developed in Fehmarn, the Green Room guarantees precision and the performance expected by passionate wave riders. It showcases a handcrafted construction with an EPS core, providing lightweight and highly responsive properties. The T10 top deck and fiberglass-epoxy resin laminate contribute to the board's lightweight yet strong build.

The carbon-reinforced tail enhances rail pressure stability and protects the deck from dents. The FCS-II system allows for quick and tool-free fin changes, while the V4A stainless steel inserts provide the option to ride the Green Room with or without straps. Additionally, the board features a weight-saving design with two separate inserts instead of a wooden stringer.

Thruster setups offer greater agility and tighter turns compared to quad setups. They also detach more easily from the water during radical maneuvers on the wave lip. This makes them a popular choice among riders seeking high performance.

The Green Room can be customized with your own FCS fins or chosen from four recommended sets that offer varying constructions and performance characteristics. To protect the surfboard during storage and travel, consider investing in a board bag designed with timeless aesthetics, available in different sizes and crafted with top-quality materials.

Included with the Green Room is a Rear Traction Pad. If you prefer not to use board wax, we recommend complementing it with the matching CORE Front Pad for optimal grip.

For added visibility, especially underwater, the leash features CORE's signature yellow color. Made with high-quality TPU, the leash has a reduced diameter to minimize resistance.

The Green Room includes a Rear Traction Pad, leash plug, and FCS II fin boxes as standard.

In conclusion, the Green Room 3 is the epitome of a performance surfboard, perfect for experienced wave kiters seeking speed, control, and precision in medium to large waves. Its design and construction ensure optimal performance, while its customizable features allow riders to tailor their experience to their preferences. Whether you're carving tight turns or riding down the line, the Green Room will deliver an exceptional ride.

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