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Naish Kiteboarding Global 2024

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The Global is specifically designed for those who want to experience the thrill of riding steep and fast waves. The construction of this board has been upgraded this year, incorporating a 4 oz S-glass rail band to prevent any cracks from occurring when landing big airs. It is built to withstand extreme conditions and can smoothly transition from rail to rail at high speeds. Its strength ensures that it can handle the pressure and impact of hard riding, giving you the necessary support and stability in challenging situations. This board has been extensively tested in some of the most intense conditions around the world and has consistently delivered exceptional performance. With its outstanding durability, the Global will always be there to help you, making it an essential addition to any kitesurfer's collection.

The reduced foam in its rails allows for easier and more aggressive surfing, enabling you to smoothly roll from rail to rail during turns. The three-piece traction pad ensures optimal traction without compromising foot placement. Additionally, the board features a thinned-out and squared-off tail rail, providing superior control and grip while carving. The three-fin setup enhances control for snappy releases off the top, while the refined rail increases responsiveness in bottom turns and makes edging easier. The deep single concave bottom adds speed and drive for an incredibly enjoyable riding experience. Lastly, the increased tail kick in the rocker ensures better control for tight and snappy turns off the lip. The arch traction pad not only adds grip but also contributes to the overall comfort during your session.

To summarize, the Global board is specifically designed for fast and aggressive riding in steep waves. With its upgraded construction and strength, it guarantees a reliable and stable performance even in extreme conditions. The reduced foam in its rails, three-piece traction pad, additional rail band, thinned-out tail rail, three-fin setup, refined rail, deep single concave bottom, increased tail kick in the rocker, and arch traction pad all contribute to enhance control, responsiveness, speed, grip, and overall comfort. This board has been tested and proven in various challenging environments, making it a great choice for any kitesurfer.


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