CORE Kiteboarding Ripper 5 2024 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding Ripper 5 2024

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Offering an exceptional ride for those seeking high performance in freeriding, big air, freestyle, and wave riding. The board design combines elements of a shortboard and fish outline, with a generous center width and ample front-area volume. This ensures excellent gliding properties and exceptional stability during tilts. The Mini Swallow Tail enhances the board's smooth behavior in wide turns and allows for tight turns even in smaller waves.

The hand-shaped rails have a progressively tucked-under step, providing increased agility and creating optimal conditions for dynamic rail-to-rail surfing. The Ripper features a three-stage progressive rocker with a flat center section, perfect for powerful bottom turns and precise maneuvering over the tail when pushed into tight corners. The underbody of the board has a subtle Mono concave, guaranteeing smooth gliding properties and maximum guidance in turns.

Professional surfers trust the design of the Ripper, which consists of a PU core enclosed by a fiberglass and epoxy laminate. This construction provides a dynamic and flexible riding experience, with perfectly shaped rails and a classic surf feeling. The core also includes wooden stringers that contribute to the board's unique driving experience and flex control. The tail patch has been reduced in size to reduce weight while maintaining sufficient reinforcement.

The Ripper offers the flexibility of riding with or without foot straps, thanks to the V4A stainless steel inserts laminated into the deck. The board is compatible with thruster setups, allowing for high agility and tight turns. The FCS-II system enables easy fin changes without the need for tools, and older FCS fins can also be mounted. Various sets of FCS fins are recommended, varying in construction and performance.

To protect the Ripper, board bags with a timeless design are available in different sizes, made of top-quality materials, and finished with the highest standards. The board comes with a Rear Traction Pad, and for those who do not prefer board wax, CORE Front Pad is recommended. The leash features CORE's signature yellow color for high visibility, and its high-quality TPU material minimizes resistance.

While the Ripper comes without foot straps, it provides the option to mount two CORE straps on the deck. It also includes a Rear Traction Pad, leash plug, and FCS II fin boxes as standard.

In summary, the Ripper offers an exceptional riding experience with its fusion of shortboard and fish outline design. It provides excellent gliding properties, stability, and tilt control. The hand-shaped rails enhance agility, and the board's construction ensures flexibility and a classic surf feeling. With the versatility to ride with or without foot straps and compatibility with thruster setups, the Ripper caters to various riding preferences. The option for easy fin changes and recommended sets of FCS fins add to its performance capabilities. Additionally, the Ripper can be protected and enhanced with high-quality accessories such as board bags, traction pads, and leashes.


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