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CORE Kiteboarding Badger 2024

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The compact Badger bridges the gap between the 720 and the Ripper. With a lot of volume in the nose and a fish tail, the Badger was specially developed for surfing in small (wind) swell. It is also highly suitable for freestyle.

The brand new construction of an XPS core and Glass-Soric sandwich is impregnated by infusion. This unique construction ensures excellent strength for the board. They are eager to receive feedback from the scene.

In general, a fishtail takes up some space from the tail and lengthens the rail. As a result, a fish-shaped board can make small, snappy turns with ease. The long rail with a small radius allows for wide radius surfing with a lot of grip and high speed.

The nose of the board has a spine that provides smoothness, soft landings, and reduces the risk of diving in choppy waters. The transition into a double concave design helps keep the rocker in the middle section low while giving the rails a higher rocker. This allows for tighter turns compared to classic fish shapes. The Vee in the tail provides control and a smooth transition from rail to rail.

The Badger has a flat entry, middle, and exit rocker for early planing. This design also ensures controllable edging in the bottom turn and before jumping.

The Badger's freestyle suitability is emphasized by slightly indicated grab rails.

Developed in Fehmarn and produced in Portugal by experienced shapers, the Badger is handcrafted to guarantee precise dimensions and specific glass board performance.

Unlike other surfboards, the Badger has a different construction. The XPS core is incredibly strong and waterproof. It is encased in fiberglass and reinforced with a Soric layer on the deck, providing better durability and minimizing the chance of dents.

The infusion impregnation method, similar to the Imperator, guarantees the board's excellent strength. It also allows for a thinner board construction, as the stiffness is slightly higher than with traditional surfboard constructions.

The carbon reinforced tail protects against damage while maintaining flex and keeping the board lightweight.

The Badger is equipped with a classic thruster setup to achieve a loose character, increased turning pleasure, and smooth takeoff from rolling kickers.

The FCS-II system allows for easy fin changes without the need for tools. Older generations of FCS fins can also be used with a grub screw.

To prioritize sustainability, the Badger incorporates recycled plastic bottles and bio-resins to reduce its carbon footprint.

You can choose to equip the Badger with your own FCS fins or select from the recommended sets available on our accessory page, each with different construction and performance characteristics.

Protect your surfboard at home and on the go with our board bag featuring a timeless design. Available in various sizes, these bags are made of the finest materials and finished with the highest quality.

The leash, featuring CORE's signature yellow, ensures high visibility from all angles, especially when underwater sorting is necessary. The TPU material used is of exceptional quality, allowing for a reduced diameter and minimal resistance.

The Badger comes with a Rear Traction Pad, leash plug, and FCS II fin boxes as standard.

Traction Pad Center + Front is compatible with all Waveboards from 2023.

The Badger is a compact surfboard that combines the best features of the 720 and Ripper models. It is designed for surfing in small swells while offering excellent freestyle performance. The unique XPS core and Glass-Soric sandwich construction guarantee a strong and durable board. With its fishtail design, smoothness, and versatile rocker, the Badger allows for tight turns, high-speed manoeuvres, and early planning. Equipped with a classic thruster setup and compatible with FCS fins, this board offers great control and customization options. Additionally, sustainable materials are used in its construction, contributing to a more eco-friendly approach. Completing the Badger experience are high-quality accessories, such as board bags and leashes, designed for convenience and visibility. Whether you're a freestyle enthusiast or enjoy cruising on waves, the Badger is a reliable and high-performance choice.

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